JOBS REPORT (Oct. 2015)

Email Marketing Manager

San Francisco, Sydney, Amsterdam, Shanghai
What better way to introduce our first jobs report than from one of the coolest companies in the world. Our buddies at Uber sent us an email asking us to post a new email marketing position to work with an amazing team who had come from Litmus, Evernote, Sephora, and more. We've met most of them and can vouch for their amazingness. Ever wanted to work for a unicorn (the tech name, not the mystical creature)? Well, here's your chance.

What they are looking for:
This role is all about communicating Uber and its brand to the masses. You should be a proven innovator and email expert, with 3 - 5 years experience working with a top tier ESP. There's some other stuff too, but you can read all about it in the job description.

Some of the Perks:
The normal 401k, medical, etc, plus gym reimbursement and free Uber credits. Even better: you get to brag that you work at Uber.

Sr. Email Marketing Manager 
NORDSTROM | Seattle, Washington
Digital Marketing Manager, Email
STARBUCKS | Seattle, Washington
Manager, Email Marketing
HULU | Santa Monica, California
Email Marketing Specialist
TESLA | San Francisco, California
Email Marketing Manager
ZILLOW | Seattle, Washington
Jr. Email Developer
Email Marketing Specialist
GILT GROUP | New York City, New York

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