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This week's focus:

Social Proofing the Crap Outta Stuff

Apparently, the email design conference that happened last week told us that all the cool kids are sending on Mondays. Why do we care what others think about? We say, “F*** it! We’re sending this sucker on Thursday!” And as long as we keep postponing these emails to the last minute, they'll continue to go out on Thursdays. Take that, cool kids.

But sometimes—okay, most of the time—doing what the cool kids do is what you want to do. This is called social proofing (or as my dad calls it, “jumping off a cliff”) and in which you attach people’s experiences to your products or services so people see how cool that thing is. The hipsters call this #FOMO. I call it cha-ching.

Typically, you see this when someone adds a product review or throws in a mention from a large press site (have we mentioned that we’ve been featured on Designmodo, Mattermark, and Hacker News?). But what also helps out is using actual people’s human faces, share numbers, and awards.

Many sites do this well—like Product Hunt’s daily email or Spoken’s engagement email—and probably isn’t news to you. We just thought we’d encourage you to look at what you have now and what you can add to it to make it more...#FOMO-ish. (Are you supposed to pronounce the “#”? I’m still lost on that.)
And in case you missed our email last week, we thought we'd share our world-famous Periodic Table of Emails again.

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