Don't need a job? Lucky you! Stop getting these in your email preferences.
EVERNOTE is Hiring. Seriously.

Marketing & Design

"Hotlanta", Georgia
If you really love emails, then there is no better place to work than with the people that pay our bills and love email too. And we aren't being paid to say that. Well, maybe we are? We'll have to consult our contract. Probably not though because this is all coming from the heart.

What they are looking for:
Smarty pants who like to design, code, analyze, and market things. They have a lot of openings. And by "things" we mean important, life altering tools and software that will help hundreds of thousands of people. Except for mean people. We don't want to help them.

Some of the Perks:
Fully paid medical, 401k with up to 6% match, profit sharing, "Coffee Hour" speakers, tuition reimbursement, team events, and much more.
Email Designer
DAILY BURN | New York City, New York
Email Marketing Associate
BLUE APRON | New York City, New York
Email Marketing Manager
TICKETFLY | San Francisco, California
Email Operations Specialist
IPSY | San Mateo, California
Email Marketing Specialist
SoFi | San Francisico, California
Email Marketing Specialist
TOMS | Los Angeles, California
Email Marketing Sr. Specialist
CABELA'S | Denver, Colorado
Email Marketing Manager
WONDERLUST | Brooklyn, New York
Looking to fill an email or content marketing position? 
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