Oh snap! We're putting on a webinar!
Oh snap! We're putting on a webinar!

Hey Friend!


Ever wonder what makes a really good email, or why some emails don't make the cut? Yep, it's a good question.

Do yourself a favor and jump into our FREE webinar where we discuss the topic with our friends at Emma.
Webinar me baby

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Thursday, Dec 17

9-10am PST / 12-1pm EST

A couple months ago, we put our feelers out to the universe about putting us in front of a camera and whipping up a live web event – our preferred term for webinar – which we think sounds like a disease you get from horses. Surprisingly, the universe was all like “Um, sure - but please don't remove any articles of clothing. Eww.”

All the people started responding with similar (but more positive) affirmations. So, we're happy to announce our first ever (and maybe last ever?) web powwow! We're partnering with the amazing team at Emma who are crazy enough to put us on a live web event. Their bad.

This is going to be awesome! (probably)
Free, as in almost naked.
To be clear, we will not actually be naked, but are known to act like we are from time to time, which in some ways is really better – if you think about it – though we suggest that you not think about it, that would be awkward.
Design Better. Spam Never.

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