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Everyone wants higher open rates so we're diving into some tactics and strategies from the experts.
This week's focus:

Subject Lines

There are some things you should test and others you shouldn’t. Subject lines: Yes. Three-week-old casserole in the back of the fridge: maybe it’s still good...?

We’ve been playing with different subjects, doing A/B tests, and tracking our results to find the right formula that will dazzle you all – like that time we put a poop emoji in our “Oops” email. That still makes us laugh that it has been our highest performing subject line. But in all seriousness, mastering the email voodoo that is subject lines takes a lot of time, patience, and experimenting.

Once you figure out how to engage with your audience, you'll start seeing higher conversions, clicks, shares, and get that raise from the boss!

To help you out, check out this great article from the good folks at Kissmetrics on tactics to improve your subject lines. We've also provided more great articles on the same topic below.
P.S. We'd love to hear how you choose your subjects and improve your open rates. Shoot us a tweet to continue the conversation!

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