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Everyone likes free sh*t, right? A handful of mints from that Mexican restaurant, a couple pens at the bank, and that $20 bill on top of your parents’ dresser. Those are all at our fingertips – waiting to be looted – but what about the good stuff? We’re talking about that trip to Budapest, or that elusive $25,000 cash prize for a cat video kind of prize.

While those kinds of giveaways may draw in the big numbers, it may also draw in the freebie-loaders (like that friend who always seems to show up right after you order pizza). So that is why we specifically went with something a little simpler instead of splurging on that 24k gold iPhone 6+ that you may be eyeing (well, that and we don’t have the money).

Enjoy our free Periodic Table of Emails as a thank you for being a loyal subscriber without the free-loading. While you're at it, take a look at some of the links below on how to build your own list with giveaways or grab. 

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