Week 9
In the 90s before the internet grabbed hold, zines were the cool thing to read.

Email newsletters are the new zines

SIMON OWENS dives into why there's a growing number of specialized newsletters and what makes them so dang charming - but with a warning.
Image Budgets for Email
STYLE CAMPAIGN analyzes images for 3G. It is way better than it sounds.
Wonderful Union's Secret Sauce
CAMPAIGN MONITOR writes about musicians emailing. Stairway to Heaven?
What You're Doing Wrong
CMSWIRE points out the #rookiemoves that email marketers make.
A Guide to Brilliant Ecommerce Welcome Emails
OMETRIA pretty much sums up everything your first series needs.
TestSubject: Subject Line Previewer
ZURB built a tool since all the cool kids open emails on their phones now.
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Design Better. Spam Never.

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