Happy New Year and welcome to Pass The Pistil and the GROW WHAT YOU LOVE community! Read below for winter gardening inspiration and spring planning ideas. Enjoy, send comments and share with a friend! Spread the love. Emily
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Pass The Pistil 01/14/2016

2016 Garden Inspiration

Let's face it, the dog days of summer are far from January -- but that doesn't mean there is any less to love. The New Year always walks in with promise and there is still plenty of growing at hand. Leafy greens and micro-greens being two favorites. Then there are planters to build and loads of seeds to start. I'm making more room for berries, dwarf fruit trees, climbing plants like cucamelons, and flowers -- there's always room for more flowers. This year on Pass The Pistil I'll be looking for ways to rethink our local landscapes -- the ones out our doors and within our communities. (Thanks to my fall visit to Seattle. Read the story on the blog -- the people behind City Fruit are on to something amazing.) And I can't wait to dive back into growing and eating. May the quiver of garden-to-table recipes continue to expand, from my home to yours and from yours to mine. Please write with suggestions and ideas. Best wishes to you and yours for a Happy New Year! Make it a good one! Find the things that make you happy and grow them. xoxo Emily

What to Plant in 2016

You may have a list of plants that already have dibs in the garden, but here are a few more to consider when musing over seed catalogs and planning for spring. 

How to Grow Micro-greens

Packed with nutrition and gleaming with flavor, mirco-greens are some of the best of the best. Grow them in the smallest of spaces. A sunny windowsill, kitchen counter or a cart that is easily moved indoors or out. Grow them in recycled containers, mason jars, mint tins, you name it. Winter gardening has never been so rewarding. 

How to Make a Pallet Garden

Use the space you have on hand, recycle stuff that's free and grow a garden. Transform a pallet and grow vegetables, strawberries, shade loving plants or flowers. This DIY vertical planter project is perfect for hard to fill spaces.  

Greens for Small Spaces

Red and green leaf lettuce will always have a place at the table. So too will traditional romaine, but have you tried oak leaf lettuce, 'Roxy', or 'Freckles'? Or maybe arugula or Mizuna greens? There is an endless number of varieties missing from your local market that you can easily grow at home -- right out your door.

ABOUT Pass The Pistil

GROW WHAT YOU LOVE with Pass the Pistil, where SmallSpace, modern garden living begins. Cultivate food, flowers and all the good stuff in between with what's at hand and grow! Let's get to it. Post comments and questions. Can't wait to hear from you. Thanks! Emily

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