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Built For Zero Simcoe County:
Newsletter #2

In this update:
  • Simcoe County's By-Name List - the countdown is on!
  • Coordinated Access System Updates
  • Guiding Principles
Simcoe County By-Name List (BNL)
By-Name List Training and Launch Jan 15-Feb 15, 2020
We are now counting down one month until the new By-Name List process is ready to be used by housing-specific agencies who have been trained in HIFIS.

We will be asking housing support, emergency shelter, and motel voucher program staff at these agencies to add clients who are currently experiencing homelessness to the BNL, and keep their information on the BNL up to date.
Please save these dates and watch for more details for the in-person training sessions in each region of Simcoe County:

Collingwood - Thu Jan 16, 9 am
Midland - Tue Jan 21, 9 am
Barrie - Tue Jan 28, 1 pm (South Simcoe to attend this training as well)
Orillia - Thu Jan 30, 1 pm

In the meantime, please contact Kaitie Warren with any questions, requests or suggestions. Or fill out this Google Form to let us know what you’re wondering about the By-Name List!
Kaitie Warren
By-Name List Data Manager
705-444-0040 ext 155

Frequently Asked Questions 
Some important questions we’ve heard so far from frontline service providers:
What benefit is there for clients to be added to the By-Name list?
The BNL is important for tracking information both on a community level and individual level. It will show us more details about the current situation of people who are experiencing chronic homelessness, and the month-to-month changes in people coming into and moving out of chronic homelessness. We will use this information to build a coordinated access system, advocate for the specific services that are most needed, and track our progress towards functional zero.
The BNL will use the same Common Consent Form and will be connected with HIFIS, where service providers can more easily share information so that clients don’t need to answer the same questions over and over. Individual information on the BNL will be used to prioritize people for the Housing First case management program, and in the future for other programs and services that meet various levels and types of needs.
A lot of the concrete benefits of a quality By-Name List will come after it is fully-functioning and as we continue to take more steps towards a Coordinated Access System. Right now the benefit of the BNL is more about building up our collective systems.
Where does client information go? Who has access to see the information?
In this first phase, the BNL will be in the form of a spreadsheet accessible only to the person responsible for maintaining it. Client information and updates will be submitted securely through Sharepoint. The BNL Data Manager will remove personal information and provide only non-identifying information to the weekly Prioritization Table, who will use objective scoring to determine which individuals have the highest priority to be assigned Housing First case managers.
Service providers have access to see and share client information in HIFIS when they need to. Information in HIFIS should match the updated client information submitted to the BNL.
When HIFIS is being fully used across the County and after software changes have been made specifically for the BNL, we will start pulling the By-Name List directly from HIFIS. There will no longer be any need to duplicate entry into HIFIS as well as entry onto the BNL through Sharepoint.

Ummm, what's Functional Zero again?
Great question. Here's a video from the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness that explains Functional Zero and a Coordinated Access System real well.
Coordinated Access Updates
Each month the Built For Zero (BFZ) Table participates in 1:1 virtual coaching with Kerri Kightley from the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness (CAEH).  These coaching sessions are designed to help motivate and propel the group in our shared work towards creating a Coordinated Access System in Simcoe County.  

Our collective work plan is contained in the BFZ Change Package. To view our list of past, current and future tasks, please check out this link.

Current sub-projects of CA include but are not limited to:
  • Governance Model
  • Outreach Protocols
  • Prevention and Diversion training and protocols
  • Process Guide of Coordinated Access and the By-Names List
  • Preparing for the next PiT Count in April 2020, which will contribute to the quality BNL
  • Reaching 11/11 on our Scorecard for Basic Quality in the Improvement Portfolio of the BFZ Change Package
On Friday December 6, Liz Weaver from the Tamarack Institute facilitated an interactive workshop, “Turf, Trust and Collaboration.”  She shared tools for building trusting and productive work relationships, including the 4 Agendas in Collaboration, TRIZ and Journey Mapping. 

We invited Liz to Simcoe for this workshop recognizing that multi-agency and community collaboration will be key as we all work together to create and roll out the process of Coordinated Access in Simcoe County.

If you have questions about Coordinated Access in Simcoe County, you can reach out to:

Leissa Shaver 
Coordinated Access System Project Lead
Our BFZ Guiding Principles
At the SCATEH Fall Forum on November 22, we shared the final version of the Guiding Principles. These six principles will provide a compass for us as we build our Coordinated Access System together as a community, where we all have an important role to play. They were developed through consultations with multiple stakeholders over a 5-month process, including meetings with senior leadership in agencies, frontline staff, and a number of focus groups with those with lived/living experience. 
That print is pretty can click here to download the PDF
Every person connected to our Homeless System has an important role in reaching our goal of ending homelessness by the end of 2024.

Thank you for your leadership, engagement, and support throughout 2019 as we learn to coordinated our efforts better. Have a safe and happy holidays and we look forward to our progress together in 2020!
Copyright © 2019 Simcoe County Alliance to End Homelessness, All rights reserved.

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