Mission Japan Prayer Network: Prayerflash Nr. 1

Prayer requests for
February 2015

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Dear Prayer Friend
Thank you so much for choosing to be part of Mission Japan’s prayer network. Your support means a great deal to us! The following are matters we would like to submit to you for your prayers. Please also share this with other friends that wants to join in prayer.
God’s Peace and Joy, in Christ.
Stephan and Carina (together with Tobie and Annalie de Wet who are assisting us in co-ordinating the prayer network)
  1. Please pray for a meaningful (official) visit of a Mission Japan delegation to Japan and the RCJ Church. It will take place from 10-18 February. Victor Pillay (chairperson), Johann  Winterbach (vice-chairperson), Gideon van der Watt (secretary) and Karen Strydom (new candidate missionary) are our four guests in this time.
Purpose of Visit:  To meet with various RCJ committees, and to discuss aspects of the Van der Watts’ lives and work; e.g. their possible move to the Theological Seminary in Kobe (with Stephan as full-time lecturer in pastoral care), the calling of a new missionary for Shikoku, the visit this year of a group of young Japanese ministers to SA, the diaconal project in collaboration with the RCJ in Botshabelo (Bloemfontein) etc. They will also pay Gys and Linda Olivier, Mission Japan’s missionary teachers at SEIWA Christian School (in Kochi), a visit.
  1. We thank the Lord and pray for Karen Strydom, a youth worker at the Dutch Reformed Andrew Murray Congregation in Johannesburg, who has made herself available to go to Japan as a missionary. She will join the delegation in order to experience first-hand the situation, and so that the RCJ may meet her and discuss possibilities.
  1. Let us focus our prayers on the following activities in Stephan and Carina’s Monthly Program:
  1. Sunday 1 Feb. RCJ Tokushima Happy Kids (Carina and Miwa)
  2. Sunday 8 Feb. Stephan preaches at RCJ Takamatsu East congregation
  3. 10 – 18 Feb. Mission Japan Delegation’s visit to Japan (Stephan is interpreter)
  4. Sunday 15 Feb. Johann Winterbach preaches at RCJ Tokushima (Stephan interprets)
  5. Sunday 15 Feb. Happy Kids (Carina and Miwa)
  6. Sunday 22 Feb. Stephan leads English Fellowship at RCJ Tokushima
  7. Tue 24 and Wed 25 Feb. Stephan lecture at Kobe Seminary (Pastoral Care)
  8. Saturday 28 Feb. Interdenominational Kingdom Kids meeting
  1. Let us pray for Stephan and Carina and their family’s Weekly Programme every day/week:
  1. Attendance of RCJ Tokushima’s prayer meeting on Thursday evenings
  2. Japanese studies Wednesday mornings (Stephan, Carina and Annlie)
  3. Home schooling for the children every day (Carina)
  4. Preparation (in Japanese) of sermons, seminary lectures,  seminars
  5. Translations (as part of the liaison with the Dutch Reformed Family and RCJ)
  6. Pastoral visits and discussions
  7. Administration and correspondence (in Japanese, Afrikaans and English)
  8. Their lives, contacts and Christian testimony among many non-Christian neighbours, friends and acquaintances
  1. Let us remember Gys and Linda with their little girl Linie, who live and work as teachers at SEIWA Christian School in Kochi city (in an environment of only Japanese colleagues/friends, the majority non-Christians).
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