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Holistic Health Coaching Newsletter - December 2014

Christmas Edition

Thanks very much for signing up to our first newsletter. This news letter is a little extra of Akesis Balance with love and support from the Akesis Balance team.

Getting to the end of the year provokes feelings of achievement and memories of milestones that have been accomplished throughout the year. For us this year has been an extremely steep learning curve but an enjoyable one. We’ve had our family, friends and the facebook community supporting us.

Our biggest accomplishments this year were having lunch with Pete Evans and being featured on his facebook blog, attending the TPS Cave Camp, and recording a live podcast in front of the other campers. We’ve been blessed to have met some amazing people and am truly thankful for the opportunities to get to know a few new faces through the FB community.

Vibrancy, Vitality & Intuition..............Leah & Mark Follett

Family Christmas Gift Idea!

I’ve spoken to Graeme from The Water Shop and I have organised for our newsletter community to receive a Discount on drinking water filters and shower filter purchases. You can email Graeme directly and mention us for the discount.

If you are wondering why a water filter might be a good idea then check out our website page on this topic for more information Akesis Balance Water Post 

Our family has a 5 stage reverse osmosis water filter with mineraliser - the bench top model and we use a shower filter to remove the chlorine from the water.

Recipe exclusive to the Akesis Balance Newsletter tribe


Chocolate Mousse

gluten free, nut free, dairy free, soy free, egg free, vegan

but delicious!


  • 250g of cooked room temperature pumpkin or warm in you are in a cooler climate
  • 250g of Avocado (or 250g of cooked sweet potato)
  • 130g of liquid coconut oil
  • 160g of Cocao powder (or coco powder)
  • 100g of honey (maple or other sweetner) or as preferred


  1. Put all the ingredients into the TM/blender stopping to scrape to down the sides intermittently until you get a smooth thick consistancy.
  2. For piping you need to slightly chill the mix so it holds shape
  3. Chill in the fridge for 30-60 minutes before serving.
  • I piped the left over mix onto a baking paper lined tray and then froze then as little freezer treats. 
  • It could be used as an icing or spread or even as a centre for homemade chocolates.
  • The below image is a frozen thawed sample (L) and a frozen sample (R)

Shared Recipe

Pete Evans – Raw, Grain and Dairy free Christmas Puddings.

We had these last year. I invested in a mini bunt tin mould to make them more festive. The kids can push the mix into the moulds for you.

Pete Evans Christmas Pudding Recipe

Practicalities/Ideas from our home to yours.

How do you persuade the kids not to eat candy at Christmas?

In our house the Christmas stockings come out at Halloween. I agree they appear a little out of place but we put them up for good reason.

We found that the kids were given so much candy from their friends and the Santa in the mall that they had a hard time not eating it and putting it into the rubbish was wasteful according to William. The bargain here is that they have a choice if they eat it they will have instant enormous sugar joy for a few minutes followed by hyperactivity and then a sugar crash that would ultimately end in an argument or hurting someone’s feelings or they can put it into the Christmas stocking and save the cache up. Come Christmas time both kids sit down and write a list of highly prized items that they will get from Santa as currency.

This works for Gabe who is still only 5 Years, he’s happy that Santa is going to take it to feed to the elves as they are “sugar burners” and don’t suffer the problem that humans do on sugar. To support this idea that elves eat copious amounts of candy check out the film ELF. Sugar Burning Elf Movie Clip

William, who is now 10, has learnt to delay gratification for a bigger goal and can now apply the principles for other projects and circumstances.


Christmas Charity
and Goodwill

Generous hearts can support my dear friend Mr Mark Gladman. Mark is an intriguing guy who shares some common interests with us: he's a barefoot/minimalist ultra runner, clean eater and has a deep interest in how spirituality can inform how we live abundant and purpose-full living. He is also deeply involved in social justice and gives his time to an Australian-based NGO called a Effective Aid International that builds schools, trains teachers and privies education for Burmese refugees doing it tough in refugee camps on the Thailand/Burma. Yes, he has a couple of irons in the fires; and he has managed to bring a few of these together in a very interesting way...

As a way to continue to raise his support for his work with Effective Aid, Mark is running the Honolulu Marathon this December 14 2014. He will of course be doing it in his own style - clad in huarache running sandals thanks to the generous people at Luna Sandals who have agreed to support him keeping his feet shod over the next few years doing work in Thailand and Burma and for some crazy runs to raise awareness and funds for Effective Aid's work. You can find out more at his blog and you can donate either by credit card or PayPal.

Like I said, Mark is a like-minded soul and we'll keep you informed of this work (which Akesis Balance supports) and few other projects he is involved with in the new year. 

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