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Holistic Wellness Coaching &
Education Newsletter - November 2015

Akesis Balance Update

Hooray, I’m back writing newsletters!
After relocating I discovered that the area we moved to had poor internet capabilities. This has dramatically reduced my capability of uploading newsletters and educational resources hence the long hiatus.
Everything is perfect though.
The internet is a small and important part of our lives but life without internet has forced us to stop and re-evaluate how we were going to be able to support our family and our beautiful clients.
The solution was to open a small clinic in Northern NSW where we have been seeing clients in person and phone consults.
This time away from creating online tools has encouraged me to publish my first book and start writing the sequel. I’ve created a series called A WELL FED HEART and will soon be launching the book and webpage which will be a self awareness health site.
The book chronicles my family's Autism journey in simple steps of cause and effect then applies learnt information via my experiences and outcomes towards healing our family.
Since we are limited by poor internet and many people are time poor I thought that it might help if I started creating short videos to share as part of the healing journey. I very much hope that this is enjoyable for you and you feel a greater sense of connection.  
With everything I create my sole purpose is to deliver a message of support and love to you, that you are the perfect person to heal yourself and then others.
Deepest gratitude for you loving support

Rainbow Salad
Grain, Gluten, Dairy Free & Paleo and GAPS Friendly

1) In a large salad bowl add         
-150g fresh mixed salad leaves
-½ a bunch fresh coriander, chopped roughly
-½ red capsicum, diced
-1 carrot, grated
-10 small cherry tomatoes, halved
-¼ medium beetroot, grated
-30g mixed nuts and/or seeds
2) Mix with your preferred dressing and serve.
Tip: I use a good quality cold pressed olive oil as a dressing and some fermented veggies as an accompaniment to my salad.
Note: To make this a complete meal you could add hard boiled eggs, sardines or left-over steak/cold roast meat.

This is a recipe from my book A WELL FED HEART - Autistic to Artistic.
I will certainly be serving this salad at our Christmas luncheon.

Video: Christmas Candy Hack

We have been teaching our children that it is much better to save their candy for Santa's elves than to eat it themselves. They save it and we have an exchange program in place. Watch the video for my explanation.

Inspiration thought:

Heal yourself then help the person next to you heal. 
At some point one of us is going to be standing next to a world leader.
This is how we will create change globally.
Heal yourself, your neighbor & then the planet

Remember that healing happens on all levels. It happens on all physical levels (nutritional, physical, chemical) as well as emotional, mental, & spiritual realms.
It doesn't matter where you start as long as you start now.
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