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Akesis Balance Update

In late March Leah left her homeschooling-mummy duties to head off back to her high-school town, Bundaberg, to speak at The Paleo Way Tour with Luke Hinds and Pete Evans.

Nervously she waited until it was her turn on stage to speak and upon successful navigation of the stairs she spoke for the first time in public to a crowded audience of 400+ people. Needless to say that she was peeing her pants waiting her turn to speak but not out of fear......

Over to Leah:

When Pete first asked me to speak publicly I knew that I couldn't.  I have never been able to speak in public and even sitting in my kitchen I was fearful of speaking and recording for a podcast.

In my mind the problem was that no matter who I spoke to in my entire life I felt that I was saying the wrong thing and that I needed to always provide a way out of the conversation for the listener. Maybe I had been burnt at the stake in another life for speaking, acting, or teaching what I believe. Anyway this has always been an immense concern to me.

After firstly being asked to record a podcast with Quirky Jo I knew that I needed help unpacking my own emotional baggage in order to identify the issue behind being able to speak my mind and my truth. This, in fact, took 4 sessions of Kinesiology before I felt free enough to look further into the fail-safes that the inner ego had built inside my head. I continued to work on my own in my journal trying to break down the fears that sabotaged my drive to share what I knew with the world. From there I felt like I could communicate more freely. This was enough to get me over the line with recording a podcast.

When Pete Evans emailed me and asked if I’d speak I had a panic attack of sorts.  My inner self was clearly distressed about wanting to speak but I had not spoken publicly since university where I made my self so sick I could hardly deliver my words which was 10 years ago.


After checking with my nearest and dearest I accepted and then with the help and some books I started to feel a little more comfortable in myself. I discovered that I had an energy problem in the form of a blocked chakra in my throat which I was able to release slightly myself but I did have to go to more higher and powerful healers for guidance.

I know that this all sounds too bizarre to contemplate but my issues weren't going to be healed any of the conventional ways as I have tried them in the past. For example I was afraid of my wedding day. Not of getting married but of speaking in front of my family and friends. These people were there on that day because they loved and supported both Mark and myself wholeheartedly and yet I still remember that day not for the love, or the words of kindness of all the people that attended but the fear that sent me running to the toilet time after time at the thought that I had to say my vows.


I have always hidden behind Mark and he has always spoken for me but this time he wasn't going to be able to speak my words or even stand by my side on that stage.
I did it alone, I did it all by myself and I did it with help of one of  the most potent therapies that I have ever experienced.........Energy Healing and Clearing.

Some people may be afraid of anything that is not mainstream medical but when nothing else has worked and all you have left is the weird stuff you jump right in and immerse yourself.  Like the shamans of primitive cultures the energy healers of today are small in numbers and well regarded in their community.


Just because science doesn't support it doesn't mean that it’s not effective.


For some therapies we don't have the tools to even test the efficacy of the therapy just like so many areas of Quantum Physics which are mostly just theories and yet people base their whole life looking for answers to support these ideas.


I don't think that energy healing is going to have a scientific trail anytime soon as the therapy is so uniquely different to each client because of experience both past, and future. Energy Healing is a clarity that  some people are born with but it is also within the reach of each and every person to heal themselves energetically.


All you need is a shove in the right direction, an open book and someone to guide you.


Blessings and health to you all,
Leah and Mark Follett

Coconut Vegetable Curry
(grain, dairy, refined sugar free, and soy free)

LCHF, Paleo & GAPS Friendly




  • 2 tbsp coconut oil

  • 200g onion diced

  • 200g fennel bulb shaved

  • 70g of stock or bone broth

  • 2 tsp curry powder (double check that there are no nasties on the label)

  • 400ml of coconut cream


  1. Heat oil in the frypan and on medium heat saute the onions and shaved fennel bulb until caramelised and slightly golden brown.

  2. Add 70g (½ cup) of homemade stock if you have it and simmer off.

  3. Add half the can of coconut cream and reduce until it forms a thickened sauce.




  • 140g brussel sprouts halved

  • 140g carrots diced

  • 160g mushrooms sliced

  • 130g broccoli florets

  • 100g okra chopped

  • 70g Asparagus cut into inch long pieces

  • 50g Kale with the stem removed and sliced


  1. Add the veggies in order on hardness and cooking time to the sauce. I suggest Brussel sprouts, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, asparagus, okra and kale

  2. Season with salt and pepper as required.

Serve with steamed cauliflower florets or as a side.


Product/Service/Event of the Month:

doTerra Essential Oils

Available through our online shop

We have been trialing the essential oils in our home and with clients and so far our clients have fallen in love with the protective blend and the respiratory blend which are now going to part of our own personal winter ills first aid kit along with the filtered water, fermented veggies, restful sleep and creativity that comes from writing, playing, doodling, drawing, singing and listening to uplifting music.

There is loads of information out there about the benefits of essentials oils for both the mind spirit and the body. If you do choose to venture into the world of therapeutic grade oils make sure they come from companies that have a fair trade agreement where they support the communities where the resources come from, that they are are using distillation methods conducive to ensuring the purity and longevity of the oil itself and obviously choose intuitively, your nose will tell you what you need.


The protective blend which is used to support the immune system consists of wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary. It’s medicinal properties include being a cleanser, it works to reduce seasonal threats, immune enhancing and maintenance, it provides support to the circulatory system, soothes muscles aches and pains.


The respiratory blend has properties to assist in clear breathing and healthy respiratory function from medicinal support are peppermint, laurel leaf, eucalyptus, melaleuca, lemon, ravensara. This blend is predominantly aimed at supporting the respiratory system but it also enhances and uplifts the mood which is perfect for when you are feeling a little run down.


Both oils can be used directly onto the skin  through the arch on a clean foot or rubbed into the palm of the hands before cupping the hands and  inhaling nasally.


Samantha Bulloch will be running a workshop on Sunday the 12th April at 10am  in SYDNEY.

Learn more about essential oils by watching the following video:


Or for further support and information you are of course welcome to contact us through

Blog of the Month:

We are pleased to introduce you to our good friend Janneke Williamson. She is the gentle spirit behind Mother Nourish

Mother Nourish and her husband Rory are both working towards getting the health message out there each in their own way. It’s an amazingly beautiful vision to be seeing a true partnership of purpose and potential for the health of the world.

Jannake is a health coach with a background in film who has been able to create some of the cutest videos on youtube which you can subscribe to. Some of them feature her beautiful friend Charlotte.

Jannake’s flair and interest in food stems from traditional cooking therapies from Westin A Price and the energetic support found in raw foods. Based in Bondi, Sydney she runs fermenting workshops which often appear on Facebook so check her out on Facebook and youtube.


Recipe Share:

Jannake’s chocolate

Chocolate recipe:


Chocolate video:

I read on her site that you can adapt the sweetener to which ever you diet requires so there's no reason not to enjoy good quality fats.

Video Share:

That Sugar Film

Rory Williamson as mentioned above is Jannake’s husband. He is the director/producer of THAT SUGAR FILM which has a cinema release in Australia, Europe, and the US. I missed seeing this film when it was in Sydney and hope that it will soon be available to download.



Quote of the Month:

To every energetic exchange there is a transference of universal knowing, existence and love.


A transference of energy can create change in anything, even on a cellular level. Ensuring that it is a positive energetic exchange makes all the difference to how it will affect your life. Positive energetic exchanges could be:

-Eating food that nourishes your body and soul

-Spending time with people engaging in special interests

-Paying the asking price for another's life efforts in their work which could be buying a painting from a painter, veggies from a farmer or even paying your taxes.

These are all positive exchanges of energy that if approached correctly will enhance life and wellbeing from within.

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