Postponing Non-Urgent Ambulatory
Ancillary Tests and Procedures

In an effort to provide the care our community needs during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) is implementing a new triage process for ambulatory ancillary services at all LVHN locations. This process includes the reprioritization of previously scheduled, non-urgent tests and procedures, and guidelines for ordering these tests and procedures in the foreseeable future.

Medical and clinical leadership developed the new triage model for all ambulatory ancillary service lines. Please reference the LVHN Ambulatory Ancillary Services Triage Workbook (PDF) for specific information.  

Effective Monday 3/23/20, our patient access center and ancillary services teams will begin contacting patients currently scheduled for tests and appointments. Many non-urgent tests will be postponed. Please contact the leadership, identified in the attachment, if you want to discuss reprioritization of a postponed patient test or procedure. We acknowledge that you would be aware of extenuating circumstances or relevant clinical information unknown to the leadership triaging each patient.  

It is important to note that these non-urgent tests and procedures our primary care providers or subspecialists ordered are not being cancelled, rather they are being postponed for the health of our community and colleagues during this pandemic. Postponed patient appointments will remain in a scheduling queue, be re-evaluated, and reprioritized by our clinical service line leadership at regular intervals, and rescheduled. The ordering provider will not have to reschedule the test or procedure for their patients.

You are critical to the effective management of this new triage process. Moving forward, please set appropriate patient expectations when ordering tests and procedures, and list the time frame expectation for the study in the comments section. We will keep all orders in a scheduling queue, and manage them as described above.  

We are continually monitoring and reassessing this new triage process and will keep you updated of any changes.

Thank you for all you do in delivering great care to our community.

LVHN Ambulatory Ancillary Services Triage Workbook
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