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Thanksgiving 2021
Hi All,

So this is going to be a pretty lengthy "wall of words", but I strongly encourage you to read all the way to the bottom, as I'm literally going to give you guys a chance to win some money. 😃💰 Trust me; I promise it'll be worth your time!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, ushering in the holiday season. If there’s ever a time to express our gratitude for our blessings, it’s this time of year. We all have so much to be grateful for!

After almost 12 years online, I’m supremely grateful that Cardplayer Lifestyle continues its consistent growth, and I’m similarly grateful to have you all along for the ride.

I’m further grateful to have built up a vast network of wonderful friends in the poker industry. Many of those friends are poker service providers and/or own poker-related products.

For the sixth consecutive year, we’ve just published our annual Holiday Gift Guide for Poker Players. My friends always step up to support me and Cardplayer Lifestyle, so when the time comes to compile the guide each year it’s important for me to support them, the great people behind the brands.

For the full details about the products and services, including illustrative images and videos, I invite you to please click through to the guide itself.

We’ve got 12 great vendors listed in this year’s Holiday Gift Guide, and I wanted to use this month’s newsletter to share a little about each of them. As MY loyal audience of newsletter subscribers, you get the behind-the-scenes story of how this year's guide came to be.


I first met Ariel Shefer in the Rio hallways at the WSOP a few years ago. He was standing next to his Digital Poker Table and was excited to be able to tell me about his product in Hebrew (his native language). With time, his product has only improved, as he’s invested in software upgrades that facilitate gameplay of all sorts of poker variants… and you know how much we love mixed games! Realizing that not everyone has room for a big table in their home, this year he’s also giving you the chance to subscribe to the software itself via your iOS device, enabling you and your poker friends to play in any setting. I admire Ariel’s passion for poker, his dedication to constantly improving his product, and love his creative, innovative concept of the Digital Poker Table.


I’ve known James Sweeney for a few years now, too. The co-founder of Red Chip Poker and also the face of his own SplitSuit brand, James is a poker purist (like me!). His passion lies in helping poker players improve their game and he’s dedicated his life to that pursuit. Now he’s got some cool new software to help him achieve that goal. Red Chip Poker’s GTO+ Solver Bundle offers you the best introduction to Game Theory Optimal poker while FlopZilla Pro (Custom SplitSuit Edition) offers you an awesome hand analysis tool. As poker players keep getting better, having the right tools at your disposal to dissect hands and know the right plays is becoming that much more essential. James Bond always had an assortment of gadgets and gizmos from “Q” to get him out of sticky situations… imagine how much more money he’d have won in Casino Royale if he’d had James Sweeney’s tools at his disposal! 😊


I first met Jared Tendler way back in 2013. We’ve collaborated so many times since then that I’ve lost count. Whether it’s his legendary Mental Game of Poker books, or his endless stream of brilliant articles, his work has helped me immeasurably not just at the poker table but in my life. Just a few short weeks ago, Jared debuted his first ever full-fledged course, the Mental Game Tune Up for Tournament Poker and it’s already a hit in the poker community. Jared is one of the rare people in poker who, when he debuts something new, it's essentially guaranteed that you can instantly rubber-stamp it as “something awesome!” So, if you’re a tournament player looking to work out the jitters, butterflies, and mental kinks in your game, I suggest that you enroll in this course and let Jared work his magic.


There’s nothing I can tell you about how great Run It Once Training is that you don’t already know. Nothing except, perhaps, how wonderful the team behind the scenes is. Phil Galfond might be the face of the brand, but everything he stands for is also manifested in the wonderful people he’s hired to handle the business. From CEO James Hudson to Andy Lindner with whom I’ve directly been liaising for years, and right on down the line, the folks who essentially “make Run It Once Training happen” are just stellar. Beyond getting some of the best poker training out there, I know that the team behind the product will ensure that you get the most bang for your buck once you enter the fold.


A few years back, a “new face of playing cards” burst on to the poker scene. Simultaneously, a new face made a big splash in the poker industry. Tom Wheaton’s Faded Spade Playing Cards have quickly become synonymous with impossible-to-top quality, which players enjoy on the World Poker Tour, at poker rooms across the United States, and in home games around the world. Similarly, Tom has become synonymous with impossible-to-top reliability, drive, and professionalism. A class act who I’m honored to call my friend, Tom has relentlessly supported everything I do in the poker industry from Day 1. I love using Faded Spade Playing Cards in my home games and I’m sure you’ll feel like you’re upping the standard at your table when you purchase a set for yourself.


Caesars Entertainment needed to consolidate staff from its numerous poker rooms around Las Vegas in order to prioritize the World Series of Poker this fall, but there’s one venue in their family whose doors nonetheless remained open 24/7 throughout, namely their flagship room at Caesars Palace – and for good reason! I’ve had the pleasure of playing in the room numerous times, and it’s always been a great experience; a must-visit anytime I come to Las Vegas. Over the past year I’ve come to befriend Ryan Bishop who oversees operations at the room (among a multitude of other responsibilities in the organization) and I can say with confidence that from the top down all players are given the first-class treatment.


After acquiring the best cards, chips, and tables, another popular way to enhance your home game poker experience and take it to the next level to acquire the best shuffler. For that, there’s only one name you’ll ever need to know: Shuffle Tech’s MDS-6. Customer satisfaction with this product is through the roof, and that’s no surprise because beyond getting the best shuffler, you’re getting it from the best team: Mike Johnson, Chip Gray and company CEO Rick Schultz. In poker there’s always an element of luck at play, but with this product and these people nothing is left to chance. With Shuffle Tech you’re assured one thing: excellence.


Dan Addelman and Byron Jacobs are the terrific tandem that run the show at D&B Poker Books. They’re the #1 brand in the game and for good reason! For years they’ve delivered the top titles written by the game’s top strategy authors. Rather than rest on those laurels, they keep cranking out poker’s best books at a remarkably consistent clip. Heck, they’re already prepping new releases for two years from now! I’ve literally NEVER seen a poor review of any D&B Poker Book. Having read quite a few of them myself and having published reviews of numerous titles on Cardplayer Lifestyle, I assure you that getting yourself some poker books from them is a wise choice.


PokerCoaching Premium isn’t just the name of one of the best poker training products in the business, it’s also the perfect phrase to describe the people behind the brand as well as the level of care and attention to detail that goes into creating that fantastic product. Jonathan Little often rightfully touts his fellow coaches as the faces of his brand, but the folks who “run the machine” away from the spotlight are equally as awesome. The duo of Brian Doane and Justin Saliba have proven themselves over and over again as exemplary business partners. We’ve reviewed tons of courses on Cardplayer Lifestyle over the years; just as they’ve always supplied me with everything needed to ensure successful content releases, this company will supply you with all the knowledge you’ll need to see success at the poker table.


Popular poker coach Sky Matsuhashi and I first became acquainted about two years ago. I had been familiar with his name, but not his work. Over these past two years it has been my privilege to publish numerous articles from Sky in Cardplayer Lifestyle’s Tips and Strategy section. Prolific like Picasso, Sky regularly churns out poker articles, podcasts, and other training materials with near-impossible frequency. His training site, The Poker Forge, is where you can head to appreciate all of Sky’s impressive poker knowledge in one central place. I can attest that Sky often makes me think about poker in ways I’ve never considered before, and his tips always resonate with me and help me up my own poker game. You can’t go wrong giving The Poker Forge a try.


The RunGood brand is captained by one of the few people in poker who (maybe! LOL) love the game as much as I do, Tana Karn. From his RunGood Poker Series Events to RunGoodGear apparel, everything the man touches in poker develops a following of loyal fans. Dedicated to providing the best player experiences and crafting the best, most comfortable clothing for the poker table, it’s no surprise that Tana is beloved industry-wide. Always dependable and ready to use his influence and resources to help others in the poker community, this is a man whose businesses are beyond the shadow of a doubt not just worth supporting, but worthy of your support!

As you can clearly see, i have a personal relationship with each and every vendor whose wares appear in our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Poker Players. That's a dozen poker-themed products and services that I wholeheartedly endorse. When doing your holiday shopping this year, I encourage you all to support these great poker businesses. Their patronage allows Cardplayer Lifestyle to keep going, so I hope that your patronage will help them thrive.

Ah, before I forget... I'm also giving you the chance to win up to $250! 😃💰

All you've got to do is follow @cardplayerlife and @PokerLifeMedia on Twitter and retweet the pinned tweets from each of those accounts, to help spread the word about our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Poker Players.

🎁🦃 Happy Thanksgiving! 🎁🦃






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