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New Year, New Treats for You!

Expectations for 2015

After a very successful 2014 for House Beauty, I want to share with you my plans for a year that is bigger, better and MORE BEAUTIFUL than EVER!!!

  • THE treatment for 2015 that you've all been waiting for!! - Anti-Aging Lash Lift & Tint with Celebrity Brows! The ULTIMATE in brow styling and eye opening package will commence February 24th!!! 
  • Rapid Spray Tanning is still the tan of choice with its short development times, luxurious strawberry vanilla fragrance and best of all no need to sleep in!  Boyfriends, husbands and washing machines everywhere are rejoicing!
  • Male Waxing is far becoming the norm, so send your man for a tidy up while you treat yourself!
  • Facials will be available commencing April 24th to get you ready for summer
  • Prom Packages will be available from May so you can get your girls prepared for their big days!
  • Bridal Packages are still available all year round and are  20% OFF when paying in full at your tan/make up trials. As you may know, I got married in October so now I have the knowledge to answer the any questions that play on your mind as a bride and can put you at ease whilst giving honest advice.
  • House Beauty Logo Is being designed as we speak and I just cannot wait!!!!!!
  • Text Appointments have been very successful will continue; House Beauty understands you are a busy bee and its easier to send a quick, to the point text than chat on the phone. I no longer accept calls for appointments, this works both ways as it means you have my full attention when you come for your treatment and I have a peaceful home life without taking calls.  2015 is all about calm and easy. This is the easiest and least hassle way for you to get an appointment as you will get an instant response.  Any questions about your treatment can mostly be answered via my website, but anything specific, just ask!  
Glowing from the inside out...

Have you joined the rest of us in drinking health shakes and getting back on the gym wagon? Taking care of your insides is great, but make sure you don't neglect your outside!

Is The New You desperate for a healthy glow and preened nails to match the exhilarating way she feels on the inside?  

We all deserve to be pampered. When we look good, we feel good and it radiates from within...

Every Spray Tan booked in January will receive a FREE shape and polish with added herbal tea; because the inner you deserves it, shes been working hard!!

Spray Tan: £20
Rapid Spray Tan: £25

Text now to book on 07852 791 960
Now you can top up your favourite Professional Spray Tan at home!!!

Suntana Mousse (light 8%/medium 10%, dark 12%, after dark 14%) is perfect for self-application home tanning and will match your professional spray tan colour. This decadent, fast drying self-tan is easily applied using a tanning mitt or similar. To achieve an instant, rich tan with no streaks and no mess... simply shake the bottle and pump away!

Natural Aloe Vera and skin conditioning ingredients will care and nourish your skin and the instant bronzer will give you an immediate healthy glow while your tan develops over the next few hours, penetrating the skin with a lasting light tan that will make you the envy of your friends.

RRP: £15
House Beauty Price: £8.99

Order now by text to collect on 07852 791 960

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