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September is Happy Cat Month

Happy Cat Month is an event created by the CATalyst Council to improve cat wellness by focusing on happiness. Scientific studies have shown that happy cats are healthier cats, and our aim is to go beyond the basic levels of cat care to ensure that each cat has a joyful and fulfilling life. We believe you can help your cats live their best lives by focusing on four major categories: health, enrichment, safety, and value. Follow us on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter this month as we focus on one category per week, and share additional content and resources to better the lives of cats!

In This Issue

September's CATalysta: Alice deAlmeida of the historic Algonquin Hotel

September 2-10: Happy Healthy Cat Week

September 11-17: Happy Enriched Cat Week

September 18-24: Happy Safe Cat Week

September 25-30: Happy Valued Cat Week 

Happy Healthy Cat

Keeping your cat healthy is an important way to ensure they stay happy and lively! You can keep them healthy by scheduling preventive care veterinary visits, and ensuring that their diet is well-balanced and they're getting enough exercise and water.

Preventive Care Wellness Veterinary Visits

There are a few common misconceptions that keep people from taking cats to the veterinarian: 

  • Cats are viewed as independent and able to take care of themselves 
  • Cats are assumed to be healthy if they don’t appear to be sick
  • Cats living indoors are thought to be safe from illness and injury

Cats especially require preventive care veterinary visits because it’s in their nature to hide their sicknesses. By the time your cat is showing symptoms, they’ve probably been sick for a long timeRegular check-ups ensure that a veterinarian can catch early signs of illnesses before symptoms show up and for that reason, veterinary organizations advise check-ups for adult cats at least once a year - kittens and senior cats need more.

Cat Friendly Practices
Cat Friendly Practices understand unique feline needs, provide cat-friendly guidelines, educate veterinarians about calm environments, and have quality staff receiving ongoing training in feline-friendly handling and medical care. This is especially helpful when dealing with an already-anxious cat. To find one near you, search here.

Preventative Care Plans
Veterinarians will prescribe a preventive care plan specific to your cat’s individual needs based on their lifestyle. This plan will usually involve spaying or neutering, core vaccines, and common preventive medications. 

Health Insurance
The North American Pet Health Insurance Association offers a complete list of its members to get insurance from here. CATalyst Council thanks its three pet insurance sponsors (all featured on NAPHIA’s list):

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 Happy Enriched Cat  

A happy enriched cat feels both comforted and stimulated by its environment.

Read our blog post at: Happy Enriched Cat

Happy Safe Cat

Cats feel safety differently than dogs or humans do. 

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Happy Valued Cat

Show your cats love in a way they will appreciate it. 

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What's Happening at CATalyst

Featured CATalysta: Alice deAlmeida
written by Dr. Jane Brunt

A CATalysta is a person or organization that celebrates and champions the cat!

How does a woman from Queens who has two pairs of two littermates rescued from different New York City communities wind up spending her day managing the calendar and communications of the hospitality industry’s most famous cat?

During a visit to New York City to celebrate National Take Your Cat To The Vet Day, we were fortunate to have had the pleasure of getting to know Happy Cat Month’s CATalysta, Alice DeAlmeida, and even accompany her on a visit to her Manhattan veterinarian!

With four special cats at home and an “extra special” –and perhaps extra needy- cat at work, Alice deAlmeida has the best of both worlds. Since 2005 when she started at the famous historical Algonquin Hotel, her official title has been Administrative Assistant. She knows all the staff, how long they’ve been there (Alice has been there longer than some and far less than others), and all the wonderful things each of them contribute to the smooth operation of this warm and wonderful property. What Alice didn’t know at the beginning was that she would actually be “reporting to” Matilda (the famous cat’s official title is the DirectFURR of Guest Relations) and Alice become best known as the Chief Cat Officer and Matilda’s purrsonal assistant.

“It all started in 1923 and the current Matilda is actually the 11th Algonquin cat,” explains Alice. “The boys are named Hamlet and the girls, Matilda. When I started, I didn’t even know the cat existed; the current Matilda’s predecessor had just been named “Cat of the Year” by the Westchester Cat Association and the rest is, well, more history.”  And that’s when Matilda’s fame took off. Since then, Matilda and the hotel have been interviewed, photographed, written about and otherwise celebrated and the Algonquin has hosted feline fundraising events that raise money to support the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals (which encompasses over 150 shelters throughout the city) where Alice remains a strong supporter and connector for the city-wide community. 

Read Alice deAlmeida's Full Feature Here 

Exclusive Bonus: Matilda Visits Her Veterinarian 

CATs About Town!

We're happy to announce that National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day on August 22 was a big success! Dr. Brunt had interviews all day to talk about the importance of veterinary care for cats, which is usually sadly overlooked, and Royal Canin donated thousands of meals to cat shelters when people on social media pledged to take their cat to the veterinarian. Dr. Brunt's interviews can be viewed here:



The Huffington Post

The Dodo

The Wall Street Journal 

People Magazine 

We're sending out a warm thanks to everyone who made #Cat2VetDay a success, and looking forward to a great month of happy and healthy cats!

For years veterinary practices, animal shelters and rescue organizations have often operated independently without much collaboration. Catalyst Connection is helping to bridge that gap and develop a sense of community for the betterment of animals.  

If you're interested in developing a strong shelter-veterinary relationship in your community, check out our Catalyst Connection: Forever Homes Forever Health toolkit

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