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August is National Immunization Month

Prevention is the best medicine, and that's the whole theme of August! Spring cleaning has come and gone, and it would be no surprise if by August, you've amassed a whole new pile of clutter to undo all the hopes of an enduring Spring clean. It's time for a new organizational project to finally feel good about tackling; a worry to finally put to bed. August is the time to sit down and make sure your cats' vaccines are up to date, and breath a sigh of relief knowing how much future worry you're saving yourself and your cat. Vaccines are specific to each cat based on their specific situations, but here’s a schedule of recommended general vaccines to guard your cat. 

August 5-9:    AVMA Annual Convention (San Antonio)  

August 8:        International Cat Day

August 15:      National Check the Chip Day 

August 15:      International Homeless Animals Day

August 17:      National Black Cat Appreciation Day

August 22:     National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day 

August 27-29: CVC Central 

August 30:     National Holistic Pet Day

What You Can Do Today
National Check the Chip Day is August 15

Is your pet’s microchip up-to-date? Microchips greatly increase the chance of getting your pet back if he/she is lost or stolen, but a microchip only works if its registration information is accurate. Make sure your pet’s microchip information is up-to-date between now and August 15, which is “Check the Chip Day” across the United States. If you’ve ever moved, or changed phone numbers or other contact information, it’s more than worth the effort to make sure you’ve submitted updated information to your pet’s microchip registry. Even if your contact information hasn’t changed, it’s a good idea to double-check that your correct information is included in the microchip registry. Checking a chip’s registration information is easy, and can mean the difference between heartbreak and a happy family reunion if you ever get separated from your pet. The American Veterinary Medical Association maintains a website with easy-to-follow instructions at To check and update a registration, you’ll need your pet’s microchip number. If you don’t have that easily accessible at home, we’ll be happy to scan your pet’s chip for you; just call us to make an appointment to bring your pet into the clinic! And if you don’t yet have your pet microchipped, there’s no better time than now. Microchips help reunite families. Call us to talk about the benefits of microchipping and schedule an appointment for your pet.

International Homeless Animals Day on August 15th

Studies have been done to prove the stereotype wrong: feral cats are still healthy, and are NOT more likely to spread disease. However, homeless cats still can use your help to ensure their wellbeing. Here's a Colony Care Guide with very in-depth reads on how to help protect and coexist with these animals. Details include the best locations to feed them, how to build shelter, and how keep their fresh water from freezing in the winter. 
A cat can have up to 12 kittens a year. It's easy for populations to grow out of control when these cats are homeless. To stop the spread of homelessness, you can also spend time working with shelters to spay or neuter cats, and encourage people to adopt rather than buy cats from breeders.

Cat Wellness

August 22nd is National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day, which is a daunting task to most cat owners due to feline opposition.  Dr. Jane Brunt, Executive Director, says "We know based on studies that people get stressed just thinking about taking their cat to the veterinarian. Pet cats outnumber dogs but they receive far less veterinary care. I like to call the whole concept the carrier barrier."  To overcome this carrier barrier, check out 7 Tips for Getting Your Cat to the Vet. And to ensure your cats' safety on the way, Sleepypod (the safest pet company) makes carriers suited for any sized pet. 

The CATalyst Council Thanks Royal Canin for National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

Cats rule the internet and our hearts – but veterinary visits for cats have dropped by 30 percent since 2001. To help drive clinic visits for cats, the CATalyst Council's mission to advance the health, welfare and value of companion cats aligns perfectly with global pet food company Royal Canin on a national campaign for National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day on Monday, Aug. 22. The campaign, which will launch in mid-August, will challenge cat owners to become more curious about our cats’ health. Cat owners will be asked to take a pledge to make a vet appointment for their cat this year. For every pledge taken, Royal Canin will donate a bowl of food to animal shelters across the country. Visit to learn why it’s important for your cat to see the vet each year. Join the conversation on August 22 by using #Cat2VetDay.

Appreciate Your Black Cat on August 17

Black cats are half as likely to get adopted in a shelter. It's hard to believe that a superstitious stereotype could still exist around black cats today, but people are working to reverse it, and you can help by supporting their projects. "Black Cats Tell All" is the first illustrated anthology written to reverse the stereotype and it's available for preorder. You can also donate to rescues specifically devoted to black cats, like Black Cat Rescue in Boston. 

However, the situation of the black cat isn't entirely hopeless. International Cat Care has a list of where and how black cats are considered lucky today

August 30th is National Holistic Pet Day
A holistic approach embraces the overall health of the whole body and mind, rather than honing in on specific problems. 
In addition to using vaccines against specific issues, it is important to take special care regarding the overall wellbeing of your pet to ensure they're getting the correct nutrients, water, and exercise. Be especially sure to follow your cat-friendly veterinarian's advice on necessary environment enrichment. Everything you use for or on your pet has an affect on their health, so for Holistic Pet Day, make sure your cleaning products are safe to use around your cat, and get rid of any of these common Feline Toxins. Here's a Holistic Summer Guide for Happy Cats to ensure your cat's body and mind are equally healthy and happy. 


What's Happening at CATalyst

Featured CATalysta: Christopher Walken

A CATalysta is a person or organization that celebrates and champions the cat.

Parade Magazine's cover story on July 22, 2016 entitled  "Cool Cat: The Nine Lives of Christopher Walken, Movie Star and Feline Fan" written by Neil Pond highlights the renowned actor's life, his cat-loving side, and his current project. His upcoming comedy Nine Lives opens August 5th. 

Christopher Walken champions the cat. He doesn't do this by having a perfectly linear animal welfare history. He does it by having an honest one. He believes in helping animals, supporting pet adoption, and he adopted his own cat who comes and goes at her leisure. Before his acting career, however, he worked as a lion trainer for a circus (an almost unthinkable job for an animal welfare advocate), where he fostered a soft spot for the big cats he worked with. His time working with the circus may be the reason he is now vocal about his views against keeping animals in captivity.
This journey proves relatable for many others in the animal welfare field who saw injustice - perhaps even worked among it - and rather than becoming hardened, felt empathy and took action to create a better future for animals. 


CATs About Town!

August will be a busy month of travel and medical conventions for CATalyst Council. Here are some of the things we'll be involved in in the coming month:

American Veterinary Medical Convention (AVMA) in San Antonio from August 6th - 9th
No matter if you're brand new to the veterinary field or have decades of experience, the AVMA convention is the place to be for those looking to learn. AVMA's Vet Clinic Live! TM  (an exhibit showing the newest veterinary technologies), medical sessions, and a celebration observing the U.S. Army Veterinary Corps 100th anniversary are on the agenda for the AVMA Convention.

CVC Central in Kansas City from August 27th-29th. 
CATalyst will also be at the CVC Central in Kansas City for the Veterinary Continuing Education conference. 
The conference offers management and technician programs, clinical sessions to improve daily veterinary practice, and courses in various clinical techniques from anesthesia to orthopedics to dentistry to much more. 
For years veterinary practices, animal shelters and rescue organizations have often operated independently without much collaboration. Catalyst Connection is helping to bridge that gap and develop a sense of community for the betterment of animals.  

If you're interested in developing a strong shelter-veterinary relationship in your community, check out our Catalyst Connection: Forever Homes Forever Health toolkit

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