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What do You Eat?
Leading up to & right after the Super Bowl this year, I read several articles about Tom Brady’s diet.
  His diet has drawn a great deal of attention, in large part because it has probably greatly contributed to the fact that at age 43 he is in fantastic shape, playing at the top of his game (he has won 7 Super Bowls) at an age that most athletes have retired. He has now branded his diet – TB12. Most of the articles I read all used the same adjective to describe his diet: “strict”. As one journalist said, there are more foods on the cannot/will not eat list than on the can/will eat list. He basically eats a diet heavy in vegetables, some fruit & some lean protein. He stays away from anything he believes causes inflammation. So he doesn’t eat gluten, dairy, GMOs & MSG, corn & soy, sugar & artificial sweeteners, coffee, alcohol, highly processed foods, nor nightshade vegetables. There isn’t scientific evidence to back up the inflammation properties of all those foods, but it works for Tom Brady.
Now my diet is nowhere near as strict as his, but I do forgo many of the same foods. I have eliminated foods over the years that I find my body does better without. I stay away from gluten due to an intolerance, and grains in general, even non-glutinous ones, because my body doesn’t seem to tolerate them well. I eliminated meat many years ago for similar reasons. My protein comes from fish, preferably wild-caught, local fish, some legumes and the very occasional piece of chicken or turkey. But my diet is by and large made up fresh fruits & vegetables.
From what I read, Tom Brady is known not to eat too much fruit, except for his smoothies, but I on the other hand, love fruit. I eat fruit for 2 of my 3 meals each day, & sometimes for a snack.
Someone asked me recently what I eat for breakfast, since breakfast, as we’ve always been told, is the most important meal of the day.  It replenishes your supply of glucose to boost your energy levels and alertness, while also providing other essential nutrients required for good health. In answering the question, you must remember that I am a planner, an organized person. So my breakfasts follow a schedule, depending on the day.
On Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday I eat a smoothie with fresh & frozen fruit, protein powder, avocado, peanut butter, unsweetened almond milk & a few other goodies that I’ve read decrease inflammation.
On Monday & Friday I eat fresh fruit, chopped toasted nuts & yogurt. On Wednesday & Saturday I have a veggie/cheese omelet, but ½ of my plate is covered in fruit, at least ½-1 cup of it, all different colors because if there’s anything I remember from cooking school, it is that the food on  your plate should be colorful, the different colors representing different vitamins & minerals that your body needs.
I probably will never market my diet, as Mr. Brady has, but I will give you some general nutritional advice that I’ve learned over the years. Every body & every digestive system is different; so what works for me may not work for you. However, breakfast remains the most important meal of the day & should include some protein & complex carbohydrates. Eating regularly throughout the day helps to stabilize the sugar levels, & therefore insulin production in your system; so meals should not be skipped. Pretty simple. Eat, but eat well!

A Reminder & A Request
The studio schedule is full; so the likelihood that you will come into contact with another client is high. For that reason:
A Reminder: Please wear your mask as you enter & depart the studio to decrease the interaction with another client. Also, please remember to clean the frame of the Tower if you have touched it with your hands or feet.
A Request: Please wait outside the studio till the previous client leaves to limit the interaction between people.
Both of these are purely proactive & protective for all. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Changes in Session Fees
In case you missed the email last month, session fees changed, effective Monday March 1, 2021. Private sessions increased $2/session, Semi-Privates (Duets & Trios) increased $1/session/person. Group packages reflect the increase. For a detailed breakdown of prices, please check the website.


Can Foods be Addictive?
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Long Back Stretch on the Reformer
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