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The 3 Planes of Movement Explained
There are 3 planes of movement in the human body:
  • Sagittal plane – a vertical line which divides the body into a left section and a right section. Movements performed in this plane are flexion & extension. Pilates exercise examples are Footwork on the Reformer, The 100 or Ab Preps on the Mat, Swan Dive on the Mat & all of the equipment, Bicep Curls & Tricep Presses on the Tower/Cadillac, Forward Step Up & all the Step Downs on the Chair.
  • Coronal/Frontal plane – a vertical line which divides the body into a front (anterior) section and back (posterior) section. Movements performed in this plane or ab/adduction, lateral flexion & elevation/depression. Pilates exercise examples are Side Splits on the Reformer, Side Leg Lift series on the Mat, Side Bend on the Mat & all of the equipment, Butterfly on the Tower/Cadillac, Scapular Stabilization (elevation/depression) on the Mat & Chair.
  • Transverse plane – a horizontal line which divides the body into an upper (superior) section and a lower (inferior) section. Movements performed in this plane are rotation, pronation/supination (of the foot & forearm) & horizontal ab/adduction. Pilates exercise examples are Spine Twist on the Mat & all the equipment, horizontal ab/adduction in the Advanced version of Side Arm Work on the Reformer (see the link below for the video), The Saw & Obliques Roll Back on the Mat, Rotation Prone on the Chair & Lean on the Chair & Reformer – Short Box.

Moving Forward
I recently celebrated the 9th anniversary of CoreFit Pilates, Inc! It’s been a full 9 years, some joyful, some challenging, but I made it through & kept the business alive, thanks to you. I appreciate your continued business, loyalty and the many friendships that I have developed. You have provided me with the ability to do what I love, and I greatly appreciate that.
The cost of doing business, however continues to rise, especially in recent months. As a result, session fees will be increasing, effective December 1, 2021 (Hopefully, this is the only increase I will have to make in the coming year, but if inflation goes beyond “transitory”, I may have to make another small increase. Fingers crossed that not.)
Duets & Trios will increase $2/person/session                                                        Privates will increase $3/session                                                                              5-session packages will reflect the session increase, keeping in mind the packages provide you a $5 discount/session with a 30-day expiration
Complete rate schedule can be found
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New Salt Intake Goal
Salt, like fat, is often added to many processed & prepared foods to add flavor. The problem is, we don’t pay much attention to the total content of salt, & we eat too much of it. And our health pays the price.

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Video Highlight - Side Arm (advanced version) on the Reformer
This advanced version of Side Arm demonstrates all 3 planes of movement: Sagittal (flexion/extension on the 1st & 2nd exercises), Coronal/Frontal (lateral flexion in the 2nd exercise, ab/adduction in the 3rd exercise) & Transverse (rotation in the 1st & 6th exercises, horizontal ab/adduction in the 4th & 5th exercises).

An even better example of multi-planar movement is
last month’s video: Twist on the Mat. You move in all 3 planes: Coronal/Frontal, Transverse & Sagittal. It’s a pretty complex exercise, isn’t it? But you go through complex movement everyday in your life!
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Side Arm (Advanced) - Reformer
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