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Another Favorite of Mine
This is another of my favorite Pilates exercises. There aren’t many that I don’t like. It’s very uncommon for me to moan & groan when an exercise is announced; although there are a few. You can usually tell what those are when I sarcastically say: This is a favorite of mine – NOT!
The exercise is done on the Mat, Reformer (see the link below), Arc Barrel, Spine Corrector, Ladder Barrel & Stability Chair. So if you practice Pilates, it’s more than likely you’ve done it.
I like this one, Swan Dive on the Long Box, because of the spinal extension that is created, building strength & flexibility in the spine. You place your spine into full extension from head to tail, & work your legs – glutes, hamstrings & some quadriceps. The obliques are working the entire time to protect the spine from hyperextending, wrapping your ribcage lightly like a corset.
When it is first learned, people often make the mistake of dropping the torso as they rock forward, releasing the contraction of the spinal muscles. It is one of the elements of the exercise you must focus on as you learn it.
Swan Dive is often followed on the equipment by Grasshopper, which builds on Swan Dive. Unfortunately, it’s not included in the video, but it is accomplished by rocking forward, crossing the ankles 3 times, & then lifting the legs straighter & higher before rocking back up.
As I said, it is one of my favorites because of the spinal muscle work. The spinal muscles, just like all muscles, must be utilized to build and maintain their strength & flexibility as we age. I’d be more than happy to teach this one to you the next time you are in for a session!



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Video Highlight - Swan Dive on the Long Box, Reformer
As mentioned above, this exercise focuses on the spinal muscles. It builds their strength & flexibility, while also using leg muscles. The obliques are instrumental in completing this exercise safely & correctly.
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Swan Dive on the Long Box, Reformer
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