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A Few of My Favorite Things
I often freely admit to the Pilates exercises that I don’t really like. But that is a subject for another day. Today, I’d like to tell you about the ones that I DO like & why.
Two of my favorite exercises can be done on the Reformer, on the Short Box, & also on the Ladder Barrel. The focus is the same, but you’ll see why many people prefer to do them on the Barrel. They are Round Back & Tree. In both exercises, when you practice the Advanced version, you first contract your abs as you roll back & then contract the spinal muscles, thereby lengthening the abs, as you go back, either into the well on the Reformer or over the Barrel.
Why do I like these exercises? For 2 reasons: I enjoy the spinal movement, first flexion then extension. It keeps my spine moving, keeping the muscles strong, toned & flexible. And secondly, they are a challenge. You must practice pelvic stability as you roll back, so that you roll back through the middle of your pelvis & don’t end up on one side of the well or barrel. Tree especially is challenging because it is basically Round Back done unilaterally, and whenever we work unilaterally, we find which side is more balanced, stronger, more flexible, and which side we have to work harder to establish the balance, strength & flexibility.
Now I said many people, including me at times, prefer to do these 2 exercises on a Ladder Barrel rather than the Short Box on the Reformer. It is because it is really nice to have the support of the Barrel on your spine as you extend back over it, plus having that support relieves some people’s fear of going over backwards.
I never tire of doing either of these exercises, and a well rounded Pilates program should included some version of them


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Video Highlight - Round Back on the Short Box - Reformer
Like I said, this is one of my favorite exercises. Once you overcome your fear of going backwards into the well, it feels so good!
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Round Back on the Short Box - Reformer
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