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Although Not a Favorite, Still a Great Exercise
Last month I discussed a couple of my favorite exercises, & I will pursue that line of thought again in the future. But today I’d like to discuss an exercise, while not my favorite, feels great. It’s designed to stretch the shoulder joints. It’s not the easiest exercise to accomplish, but it is one that people tend to have a love/hate relationship with because of the great shoulder flexibility it brings the joints. It’s called Arms Backward & is performed on the Tower/Cadillac.
Hand position in this exercise can change, & while the video only portrays the overhand position, I usually have clients perform both overhand & underhand. They will always find one position preferable to the other, depending on what is happening in their shoulder joints.
As you contract your abs & roll back, the shoulder joint opens up, and that’s where the stretch is felt. After contracting the upper abs & flexing over the legs, the arms lift for a different stretch in the shoulder joint. Seat placement often affects this range of motion. If you are seated too close to the Tower, you won’t be able to lift your arms. Also, the stretch feels different than the one experienced as the pelvis rolls back.
As I said, people have a love/hate relationship with it. Or should I say a hate/love relationship: they hate it while performing it, but love it when it’s over, in part because of the movement & range of motion they’ve experienced through their shoulder joints.



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Video Highlight - Arms Backward on the Tower
This exercise, while difficult, is an absolutely wonderful stretch for the shoulders. Only 1 grip is demonstrated (my favorite), but the exercise is also done with an underhand grip.
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Arms Backward on the Tower
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