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Pushing the Envelope
I recently read a FB post from a friend & Pilates colleague after her skiing vacation. She had a knee injury a few years ago, & living in Florida, doesn’t get many opportunities to go skiing. But this year, when she did, she decided to push the envelope – push herself to go faster, farther. And she succeeded. She said it makes her feel stronger, younger & more adventurous. Like a good Pilates & fitness instructor, she also encourages her clients to not give up, to stay motivated & active, & to develop healthy habits. She says the more you do, the better you become.
Except for the part about skiing, does that sound like me? I’m always encouraging, sometimes pushing you to do more, to stay active, to try new & more challenging exercises. It’s a philosophy that I subscribe to.  I watched both my father & grandmother (his mother) give up & end up in wheelchairs. They didn’t like it, but that’s what they chose. I vowed, if I could help it, to never end up like that. That’s a major part of the reason I got into the fitness industry. And I can’t imagine ever giving it up. It keeps me going.
So this year for my birthday, I decided to push the envelope & do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I went skydiving! And what a rush it was. After some initial jitters when I first stepped out of the plane onto the step, once we jumped, I didn’t stop smiling. (It didn’t hurt that I had a good looking instructor either.) Just look at the smile on my face as we were free falling @ 120 mph above the clouds. I loved it so much, I can imagine that I will do it again someday.
The moral of this story is keep moving. Find whatever motivates you to move, & make it part of your life. Try new & different things. It’s easy to do in Pilates because there are hundreds of exercises, most with modifications &/or props to change them up. It’s difficult to do the same exercises 2 sessions in a row, especially with an instructor like me who gets bored easily. So I assume you will as well & continually change your workout to keep challenging your muscles & your mind.



Coronavirus Effects on Adipose Tissue
COVID-19 seemed to affect obese people more often since the beginning of the pandemic. “Now researchers have found that the coronavirus infects both fat cells and certain immune cells within body fat, prompting a damaging defensive response in the body.”
This is quite fascinating research and
a must read!

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Video Highlight - Swan Dive on the Tower
I love this exercise! It makes my spine feel so healthy with all my spinal muscles working to create & maintain extension. The abs are quite important too. They protect the spine from hyper-extending as you work. And of course, the glutes & hams get involved to allow you to rock on the mat against the spring resistance.
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Swan Dive on the Tower
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