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Why Pilates - What Does it do for You?
I recently asked a handful of clients why they practice Pilates, what it does for them. I especially enjoyed their answers given that when I announce an exercise, I often hear groans & moans. Apparently, they actually find benefit in the movement!
I received some great answers, especially when contrasted with what new clients tell me on their Intake forms. When asked their goals with Pilates, I usually receive 1-3 word answers, like core, strengthen core, build strength, etc. But this time I received insightful answers, for example:  reduced back pain; straighter spine (with x-rays to prove it!); works out the muscles of my entire body in strategic ways; my posture is much better & I am more aware of it; rehabilitation of old injuries; increasing challenges; mentally it helps as well; constantly challenges my balance & coordination; keeps me agile & feeling younger; never felt so well physically; holds my interest & challenges me; a full body workout, allowing me to focus on the different muscle groups.
If I had been asked these questions, my answers would be something like this: has helped me develop joint stability; improves my posture & body awareness; improves my coordination; keeps my brain functioning.
So my clients’ responses, along with mine, demonstrate that Pilates is not just about core strength. While it definitely is one component of Pilates, there is so much more to it. Spinal muscle strength & movement is a focus of a good a Pilates session, as are coordination, balance and the ever-necessary mind-body connection – hence the comments about being more aware of posture, feeling younger, mental wellness, challenging workout, etc.
If you haven’t tried Pilates yet, what better time than now to start? Consider what Pilates practicants have said, & consider if you can benefit in ways they have


Amazing Advancement in Physical Therapy
This is an amazing advancement in physical therapy. When I read this article, I said that the next time I need PT, this is what I would want to do!

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Video Highlight - Spine Twist on the Mat
This appears to be a very simple exercise, & it is, but…it involves a lot of scapular & pelvic stabilization. Once you make the mind-body connection on how to accomplish those, the obliques & spinal muscles get a good workout.
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Spine Twist on the Mat
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