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How to Keep Moving
I’ve said this before, & I will say it again, I am different. I am one of those people who enjoys exercise. I don’t just enjoy it when it’s done because I’m done. I actually enjoy the movement, the feeling of my muscles working, the challenge to complete the exercise properly. And I really enjoy it when I see progress in my movements.
I tend to do things that I enjoy: Pilates (obviously), bike riding, body weight work with a TRX &/or BOSU. Throw in some kayaking now & then, and I’m as happy as a pig in the proverbial s**t.
Why am I telling you this? Because most people aren’t like me. Most people need motivation to exercise, and that comes in many forms. Two of the most tried & tested factors that keep you moving are:
  1. Find something you love to do. No matter what kind of movement you enjoy: running, dancing, weight lifting, kettle bells, yoga, balance work, Pilates, whatever it is, do it!
  2. Find someone to work with: be it an instructor, personal trainer, workout partner, group class. If you are held accountable to someone, you’re more likely to show up.
Changing your attitude toward movement helps too. If you approach it as “work” to be dreaded, done & done – put behind you once you’re finished for the day, then it will always seem like work and never as something pleasurable. That’s where working with someone you can connect with helps.
I’m encouraging you to begin moving or keep moving because I don’t ever want you to get to a point in your life as you age & realize that you should have been moving. As we age, when we stop moving (& not just exercise, but all movement), the quicker we lose our fitness level, muscle mass & tone. And as we age, not surprisingly, the longer it takes to regain those things. And when we try, it can seem like an insurmountable task, take more effort that we imagine it’s worth. But trust me, it is worth it. This point is especially relevant as many people begin to exercise again after remaining in their homes, without moving, after Covid.
I love teaching fitness, especially Pilates. And I love encouraging people to continue to move. Part of my objective in working with you is to help you to progress, & just as importantly, to make you aware of the progress you make over time. When you realize that, my job is worthwhile!



A Great Reason to Keep Moving
This is a great reason to keep exercising throughout your life. The study looked at muscle mass in relation to breast cancer (stages 2 & 3) survival.

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Video Highlight - Twist on the Mat
While this is an advanced exercise, it is a great example of what I referred to above – continuing to progress in movement. As you can see, the exercise takes your spine through several movements: lateral flexion, rotation, flexion & neutral. When you watch me do it, you may notice the inflexibility of my spine. But as I stated above, I appreciate noticing improvement in my movements. I have improved this exercise, by increasing the amount of flexion (rounding of the spine) since this video was filmed because an instructor pointed out to me that I needed to improve it. Hence, working with someone allowed me to advance through their instruction & my hard work!
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Twist on the Mat
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