MissionTo empower stronger, healthier immigrant individuals and families through advocacy, the provision of supports and services, and by strengthening alliances and developing strategic collaborations.
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F4KIDZ Program and parenting 

Missouri consistently ranks as one of the heaviest states in the country, with 30 percent of adults obese and 28 percent of children either overweight or obese. V4A launched F4KIDZ program to promote healthy living and  mentorship for immigrant kids to help them overcome social, emotional, and academic challenges as they pursue their life dreams. Over seventy kids are actively involved in the program. This also helps parents to connect and discuss issues affecting parenting as immigrant parents.


The program also has educational activities and recently introduced swahili cultural class to teach kids about the African culture and practices. The only challenge we are facing in the program is transportation.
We are looking for a van to enhance easier transportation of children and youth to educational events, recreational activities, and other empowerment events in and outside St. Louis. It will also help in ferrying people to health screenings, career fairs, and economic empowerment forums. Any type of support in this area will be highly appreciated. Please call 314-252-0488 or email to

Immigrant African Catholic Community


St. Louis International African Catholic Community (SLIACC) brings together African catholics to share their faith and connect with others. The group meets regularly to celebrate Swahili mass at Holly trinity Catholic Church in St Ann. Father George Busieka, originally from Kenya officiates the mass, offers sacrament of repentance and visits the sick in the community. 
Last Sunday a group from Congolese community celebrated Swahili mass for their first time in US. Hispanic Community celebrate their mass at the main church every Sunday after English mass. 

White House Press Release Today including St. Louis and STL Mosaic Project
Anna Crosslin is at the White House celebration today representing all of us, highlighting  Welcoming America and all the communities welcoming immigrants and refugees. Yesterday, she was part of a St. Louis team at the White House meeting on immigrant high-skilled retraining and re-certification workforce programs, joined by St. Louis Community College and St. Louis County Workforce representatives. READ MORE  
North County Immigrant High School Students giving back to their Community. 
V4A youth program comprising of a group of Hazelwood West High school students launched a new program this summer to give back to the community. The objective of Youth Group Support Group to the community is to visit the sick and pray with them, organize youth forums and activities and provide mentorship for middle school students. The group hope to launch a similar program with Congolese/Burindi community in South County.

Other advantages of this program is that it helps promote leadership, teamwork and career development among the youth. High school students volunteering in the program will earn community hours. This is also another great opportunity for our youth to interact and seek advise from adults.

Get ready for more exciting events this summer. V4A is committed to keep you informed, equipped, healthy and empowered.
A group of African Community leaders met last week to discuss common issues affecting them and to develop lasting solutions. African Association community leaders meeting had more than ten nationalities represented.

V4A will work in collaboration with African Council St. Louis to unite African communities and promote African Culture in the region. The group resolved to meet once a month.
V4A Swahili/dance Class is held every Wednesday at 5 pm at Cargobay building. The address is 7220 N. Lindbergh Blvd. We want to give our children the identity to make them be proud of who they are. 
V4A invites all adults to join New Look STL Bikers club for practice in preparation for V4A Bicycle Race on September 24th, 2016 at Creve Coure park. Currently there is a group that meets on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 2pm for practice. Both men and ladies are welcome to join.
"I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you" Joyce Meyer

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F4KIDZ launches Swahili class
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