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Letter from the Headmaster

Parents of CLC students,

As we stand on the precipice of some major milestones this coming school year (Lord-willing, our first CLC graduates and formal accreditation), it would be easy ruminate on the past 8 years rather than the past 1. But the last year has been a remarkable and action-packed one. By God’s grace we grew to 2 campuses and 130+ students. As we look ahead to fill our staffing needs for next year, we remember how blessed CLC was by the excellent additions to our staff who came aboard for the last year. We have seen encouraging growth in our students academically (with strong school-wide results from standardized tests), but more importantly, we have seen spiritual and relational growth in students in every grade from PreK-11th. For Emily and me, the 2021-22 school year was extra special as we got to experience the joy and comfort of sending our beloved Landry John to CLC. In this blessing, the presence of CLC has taken on additional import, as I am regularly thankful, with fresh eyes, for the committed work and ministry of our dedicated staff. God has surely been gracious to us in supplying for this need.  Continue Reading...

2022 Board Report

By: Alex Olson
Secretary of the Board
Leader of Accreditation Team

As a Board, we are amazed at God’s provision and goodness toward CLC.  We see Him working in our students, teachers, and administrators.  As a classical Christian school, we are nothing without Him but with Him, we are able to graduate culture-shaping young men and women whose minds and hearts have been trained to love that which is worth loving!

The word “graduate” stands out to us for this year, as this is the first year that we will have a graduating class.  Graduation is a huge milestone for CLC.  Like the incoming seniors, we have work to do prior to graduation.  This work is the accreditation process that is in full swing.  I would like to thank the 59 parents that took the time to complete the survey.  Your responses to the questions and thoughtful remarks are currently being reviewed as part of the accreditation process. Continue Reading...

2022 Treasurer's Report
By: Greg Nicholas
Board Treasurer

We finished the fiscal year on June 30, 2022 with much for which to be thankful!  We have seen God move in many amazing ways this past year and I want to briefly summarize a few things that have clearly displayed God’s guiding and providing hand over our finances:

1.We not only have no outstanding bills or debt of any kind, we carried over a modest balance in our checking account to start the new fiscal year! 

2.This year saw the successful purchase of our Mars Hill campus-which, in itself, was a miraculous story of God accomplishing something that we thought had been permanently closed to us. Once the door was opened we were able to raise enough funds to buy the building outright without borrowing a cent! We still have some work to do on the property and hopefully we can successfully conclude the Capital Campaign before the end of the 2022 with sufficient funds to complete all of the planned improvements.  Continue Reading...
Lower School Assembly 2022
Lower School Report 2021-2022
By: Mrs. Heidi Sokol
Lower School Dean
1st Grade Lead Teacher

As the school year came to a close in 2021, we, the CLC family, had an exciting but arduous task in front of us. Parents, students, teachers, and staff worked tirelessly through the summer to complete the first stage of the Mars Hill renovation project. As a group we were able to transform a tired old building into a beautiful school that would come to hold 81 students in the upcoming year. Even though there were many challenges, there were even more successes to celebrate. Between figuring out which classrooms we would be in and then setting up those classrooms from scratch to figuring out which bathrooms students would use and meandering all the logistics of many people in a new building, the teachers, students, and staff of the CLC Mars Hill grammar school worked together with patience and understanding to complete a very successful 1st year.  Continue Reading...

Upper School Spring 2022
Upper School Report 2021-2022
By: Mrs. Dawn Harting
Upper School Dean
Upper School Teacher

Thanks be to God for the blessing this past school year was for students, teachers, and parents also. We began the year with new Upper School staff who, with their wisdom and experience, took the 11th graders up to the next level. These students have gone from being challenged five years ago by a five paragraph essay to the newest challenge of their first fifteen to twenty page thesis paper this past spring. They have gone from graphing a line five years ago to graphing waves in Algebra 2. They have gone from botany five years ago to chemistry. They have gone from Latin to Spanish and even had a whole meal spoken in Spanish at a restaurant. They have been through all four cycles of history at CLC by reading classic books that enabled them to participate in the Great Conversation of significant topics every year. They have practiced their defense of the truth, goodness, and beauty of God in theology and in science and math and history and art. They acted in another memorable Shakespeare production. They sang solos and duets in music. I love watching them sing! Continue Reading...

Student Comprehensive Testing Program Results
Grades 1-8
CLC students in grades 1-8 took the Comprehensive Testing Program exams in May. These exams test students in the content areas of reading, writing, and math. As you see from the bell curve above, compared to students in other independent schools (private), 23% of ours scored lower than average and 23% scored higher than average. Fifty-four percent scored as well as the average independent school student. While we are overall pleased with these results, we’ve identified and will continue to support the students who scored below average. Teachers receive detailed group (grade level) and individual (each student) reports to identify the struggling students and areas in which they need the most help.
Classical Learning Test (classical version of SAT/ACT).
Taken by our students during their junior year.
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