Special tennis ball massage workshop coming up!
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There's no excuse not to have a massage.. you can easily DIY at home

I've spent the last 2 weeks undertaking some serious yoga study.  Firstly, a 2.5 day workshop with Simon Borg-Olivier from Sydney, a physiotherapist and well known yoga practioner and anatomy teacher.  Last week I took the opportunity to study with Jo Phee (Singapore) and graduated from her 50 hour Yin yoga teacher training a few days ago. 

Both teachers were teaching completely different methods and styles of yoga however the message was the same - modern "alignment" style yoga can potentially cause pain and injury to students that just aren't suited to force their bodies into shapes that are aesthetically pleasing.  Yoga postures are not one-size fits all and Jo Phee in particular highlighted the variations in our bone structures with lots of anatomy pictures and using our own group of 36 keen students for the bone tests (read on for more).  Make sure you do speak up if you are ever concerned about any postures. 

So the massage part.. How can you acheive a full body massage for just $3? Using a tennis ball! I'm running 2 massage workshops on Wednesday 7th and 14th of September using a combination of thai massage techniques, tennis ball myofascial release and yin yoga postures combining long holds and pressure point release.  Current students of my classes are used to seeing the tennis balls pop up in class, but a full 1.25 hours of tennis ball and other massage techniques will be a certainly be a unique experience.
This workshop is ideal for anyone that suffers from muscle aches and pains - whether you are an athlete, weekend warrior, yogi or just sit at a desk all day! No experience in these techniques is necessary. We'll be covering the whole body with variations covered over each workshop.  You can book in online to reserve your space, only 10 places available for the general public for each class ($25/each, $40 for both or if you book with a friend).  Current students can use their class passes for this workshop - let your non-yoga friends know if you think they might get something out of this.  Check out the Facebook event for updates.


Thai massage techniques and tennis ball release at my last Yoga for Cyclists workshop
Paul Grilley's anatomy pictures depicting natural variation in the neck of femur - some people are built to do motions like the splits or putting their legs behind their head, and some just aren't.  We had fun looking at natural body variation of range of motion around the room of 36 yoga teachers - due purely to bone shape.
The "Yinspirational" Jo Phee demonstrating massage techniques combined with yoga postures.
The next 2 Wednesday night yoga classes (24/31st August) focus on the spine in an ashtanga yoga sequence.  The following 2 Wednesday nights in September (Spring - yay!!) are the massage workshops.  Following this I'll be away studying yoga with Flo Fenton for 2 weeks in Brisbane and classes recommence on Wednesday October 5th.

The next beginner's course will start on 10th of October in Wayville (Mondays at 7pm), the last course for the year.

Hope to see you on the mat soon,
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