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The Toolbox Training

Summer 2022
Hello everyone and welcome to the Toolbox options for Summer 2022
We are all encouraged in the Bible to grow in our faith. Becoming a Christian is the most amazing thing that can happen, but it is the start of the journey. When we commit our lives to God and become Christian, we are not the finished product, we continue to grow in our faith throughout our lives.
The reason we have called this ‘Toolbox’ is because we all need different things at different times depending on many factors, such as: what we know, what we are facing, how long we have been a Christian. The GBC Toolbox is an opportunity for us to learn, reflect and grow in areas which are most relevant to our faith journey. Each term we will have a number of different options for you to choose from. For some people being part of a weekly group is the way that they will continue to grow, and these Toolbox options are not in competition with that, they are offered as a helpful supplement to widen the choices people can make.
All events can be booked by emailing
office@godmanchesterbaptist.org or by phoning the office on 01480 458565 and leaving a message.
If you have any questions or suggestions for future Toolbox options, then please let me know.
God bless
Bible Study
Monday 2.30pm-4.00pm
Small Hall, GBC
Led by Philip Thompson
An opportunity each week for further Bible study linked to the Sunday morning celebration preach.  When we hear someone preach, it can lead to further questions and reflections that can’t be addressed at the time. This Bible study is a chance to explore the passage in more depth and consider how it affects our day to day lives.
Circle of Security Parenting Course
Tuesday 1.00pm-2.30pm
Starting 24 May 2022
Running for 8 weeks (break for half term on 2 June)
Small Hall, GBC
Led by Anne Ambler & Jane Brooks
During the course we consider how our attachments to our children work and why they are so vital in this relationship as well as thinking about becoming reflective, rather than reactive, parents. It is a mixture of video material and discussion times. A folder, journal, handouts, and pens/pencils will be provided. There is also an opportunity to buy the book that runs alongside the course, Raising a Secure Childfor £11.00. There is no requirement to have the book, but it will be available should you wish to purchase it Refreshments served at the start of the session.
Book Club
Tuesday 8.00pm-9.00pm (refreshments from 7.30pm) - starting 17 May
Friday 11.00am-12 Noon - starting 13 May
Running for 8 weeks
Small Hall, GBC

Read a chapter of a book at home each week and then come and join a group to discuss what you have been reading.
On Tuesday evenings there will be two groups, one looking at 'How to Hear God' by Pete Greig, the other looking at 'Be Still' by Brian Heasley.  Come for refreshments all together at 7.30pm and then join one of the two groups (or just come for the Book Club discussion from 8.00-9.00pm)
On Friday mornings, the Book Club will be considering the Pete Greig book.
Contact the Office if you wish to purchase a copy of either book.

'How to Hear God' by Pete Grieg
Nothing could possibly matter more than learning to discern the authentic voice of God, but few things in life are more susceptible to delusion, deception and downright abuse. When life falls apart and we need God's comfort; in moments of cultural turmoil when we need God's clarity; facing formidable decisions when we need God's guidance; desiring a deeper faith when we need God to say something, anything, to turn the monologue we call prayer into a genuine conversation. Exploring the story of Christ's conversation on the road to Emmaus, Pete brings insight  to one of the most pressing and perplexing aspects of universal Christian experience - How to Hear God.

'Be Still - A simple guide to Quiet Times' by Brian Heasley
In this practical, easy-to-read guide, Brian explores the multitude of rhythms of Christian prayer and devotion available to every believer. From memorising scripture and prayer running to noticing beauty everywhere, he demonstrates how we don’t need to be static for our hearts to be still, and how even in the midst of a full, busy life, we can spend quiet time with God.

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