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July 2012, the last visit to CRS by Pete Seeger '35.

"If you love your country, you’ll find ways somehow to speak out to do what you think is right.”

--Pete Seeger, CRS ‘35

Perhaps the same can be said for your camp.

July 31, 2016      

Dear Alumni & Friends,

We are excited to announce today the launch of a new Alumni Poll to seek critical input from you regarding the future of Camp Rising Sun. We hope that you will participate today. Please go to the following link to see the Poll's 10 questions: Alumni Poll. Scroll to the bottom of the information provided to find the questions, then provide your responses and click the "Submit" button when you are done. It will only take a few minutes. If you prefer, you have the option to keep your name hidden. The Poll closes August 31, 2016 and Jerry Murphy '48-'49, who prepared last year's Alumni Survey, has volunteered to help tabulate the results:

Alumni Poll

We realize the statement is long and there is a lot of background information, but felt alumni should have the benefit of the extensive references, documentation and information that is the basis of our concerns. You can find these documents mainly on these two links to our website:

Alumni Outreach to Board

More Information

This past week the history of the United States continued to evolve when, for the first time, a woman accepted the nomination for President, almost a hundred years after women achieved the right to vote. We hope to shorten the timeline for CRS's continued evolution, and bring about the full enfranchisement of all CRS Alumni now.

Change is possible -- with your participation. Please fill out the Alumni Poll today.

We are also excited to announce the launch of our newly incorporated Not-For-Profit organization: “Alumni & Friends of Camp Rising Sun, Inc.” to continue our efforts on behalf of CRS alumni -- past, present & future.

We would like to express our most gracious and sincere appreciation to the hundreds of alumni who have supported our efforts over the past two years, both voluntarily and financially, and for their participation in our past "Petition" and "Declaration" statements, of which almost 700 alumni signed. Through the generous financial support and encouragement of many alumni, we have been able to continue our efforts to this day. Since the announcement of the New Dawn in October 2014, almost 100 alumni have contributed small and large donations, totaling $25,000. The value of alumni volunteered contributions is difficult to quantify, but please know that it has been much appreciated and critical to our success to date. For example, the Alumni Poll would not have been possible without the volunteered help of Kuba Orlowski '05. Thank you again to all who have volunteered to help.

Unfortunately, we need more financial help to continue with our efforts which have had very real costs. We are seeking another $25,000 in donations at this time to continue the work we have started. The easiest way to send your donations is via
PayPal -- go to the "Send" tab, choose the "Friends and Family" option -- and use the email to make a donation to Alumni & Friends of Camp Rising Sun, Inc. You can also contact us at for more information on how to make a donation via regular mail. Checks should be made payable to "Alumni & Friends of Camp Rising Sun, Inc."

All contributions, large or small, will be tax deductible and enormously helpful to our efforts.

Thank you again for your participation in the
Alumni Poll and for your support for Camp Rising Sun and its alumni.

Yours Truly,

J.C. Calderón '81, '82, '84K, President
Tonya Buckler,
'97, '98, '99, '00, '01 ACD, '03, '07 CD Vice-President
Robert Sarlls, '78, '79, Secretary
Andrew Clateman '81, Treasurer

Board of Directors 
Alumni & Friends of Camp Rising Sun, Inc.
New York State Not-For-Profit Corporation

Shared on behalf of Alumni & Friends of Camp Rising Sun, Inc.

"I have just two thoughts: what was the point of all the love, time, and funds expended on those who came to Rising Sun? It was the hope that any happiness and values given to you would be passed on in a form chosen by each of you. Since no one will ever ask how or when you have given to others what has been given to you, I shall never know if my offering will fade into pleasant memories or be kept alive. As for the future, I have laid only the foundation of what Rising Suns can do collectively or individually. You personally must decide if you can afford not to be interested in the lives of others. Rising Sun has not been afraid of challenges these past 37 years. I hope you will not regard them as obligations. To me they are opportunities which make life worth living."

George E. Jonas (Freddie)

Note from Freddie originally published in Horizons 1966; reprinted in the Sundial, Spring 2011 issue. 
Camp Rising Sun, photo credit: Bálint Kis '07

Thank you again for your support.

"The world desperately needs men of good will, men with vision, men who will not be daunted by heavy odds against them.”

Freddie Jonas

"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have."

Margaret Mead

Shared on behalf of the SaveCRS Group of Concerned Alumni & Friends

CRS Clinton
CRS Red Hook
Freddie Jonas
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