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The Essential Laws of Creativity

Talented friends,

Today we have something special for you. It’s a compendium of laws. 

Not municipal laws!

Not scientific laws!

Rather: creative laws.

Laws that will help you and your teams be more creative. 

These eponymous laws—named after the scientists, economists, authors and psychologists who coined them—will help you notice cognitive biases, work through creative blockers, and improve your collaboration with others. 

We’ve gathered it all into a deck we call Laws of Creativity: The Essential Guide, and you can find it right here:
This is a great resource to share and discuss with your team. 

Inside, we’ve collected eponymous laws from economists, historians, authors, doctors—and at least one cartoonist!

Typically, you'd run across things like Gall's Law when reading about systems thinking. Or you'd run across Miller's Law in cognitive science books. Or you'd run across Hanlon's Razor deep in the downvoted comments of a wildly nerdy post on r/startrek.

But despite their disparate origins, these laws complement each other. And they're all helpful in the same way—they reveal hidden truths, or they give a name to a peculiar feeling you already had but couldn't articulate.

I hope they'll help you and your organization as you go about making creative decisions. 

Have a great week, make great choices,
 >> Steve Bryant is lawful neutral // @stevebryant
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