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Contemplating the erotic

And getting dirty on Jewrotica

Occasionally, some of my readers have sent me messages urging me to be bolder - to be more explicit. While I have no problem turning up the heat as you will see from my latest Jewrotica story, Let’s Bench, it's not entirely what this game is all about. 

Reading (and writing) stories with detailed, dirty, sex scenes should be hot and arousing. They should get you to that space that I don’t need to tell you about with speed and certainty – and then drive you to the other side. But the essence of the erotic is not only captured in explicit sex scenes. There is also erotic power in the exploration of the tension created when contemplating new, 'forbidden' or daring ideas – or from being overwhelmed by one’s primal responses to situations, social dynamics, or emotions. Sex is sexy, but the erotic is something more.
What is great for me is that setting erotic fiction within the context of a religious Jewish environment provides so much scope. When everything is private, when genders are separated, and when young people are held at bay from their sexuality until the chuppah, there is, quite simply, a great deal to write about.
Oh, and small, amusing irony: the day Let's Bench was published was also the day that I received a tweet from one of Jewrotica's Sexiest Rabbis 2014 who followed me back on Twitter and then complemented me on one of the 'tasteful' stories on my website (not Let's Bench, which I am guessing he would not have found tasteful). Love it!

Shabbat shalom and Purim sameach!

Shosha xx

Let’s Bench

A little background on my new Jewrotica publication

Let's Bench was written in three early morning sessions before work. I started with the idea of looking at the tension that could be created when a guest is inappropriately flirtatious with his hostess and wanted to explore the dynamic that would develop between the husband and wife as a result. It’s intriguing how characters and actions can emerge so organically. I was surprised at the wife’s teasing of her husband and of her almost calculated probing of his tautness to see whether he would shrink or explode. And I particularly enjoyed her testing her hold over him and his subsequent efforts to reclaim his position. You can judge for yourself how well they both did (and how well I did for that matter!). 

Sacred Sperm

The new film talking about sex from a haredi perspective

I continued the theme of Orthodox Jews talking about sex in a blog post earlier this week, this time looking at a new film, 'Scared Sperm'. I haven’t seen the film because there is no legal (non-pirated) way of doing so where I live, but there's been considerable positive discussion about it and a sign of its success has been its inclusion in the Raindance Film Festival. Ori Gruder, an Israeli film maker who become a baal teshuva (newly religious) from around the age of 30 and now lives within a Breslav Chassidic framework, decided to make the film when he found himself struggling with how he should talk to his own son about masturbation and other topics around sex. As Gruder says in his interview with Haaretz: "I believe the rabbis feel the time has come to put these subjects on the table and talk about them." Please let me know your thoughts if you manage to see it. 
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