"Passing on the Light"
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In the beginning, the universe was dark and cold- and the Spirit hovered and brooded and whispered, "Let there be life!" In the beginning God said, "Let there be light!"
We began our worship at the LCC on January 15, the eve of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, with these words. Throughout the service students told the story of the light of God being passed on from one generation to the next: from Abraham to Isaac, to Jacob and to Joseph, who gave it to the Hebrews who lived in Egypt. We lit candles as each name was spoken until creation held its breath..."And in the dark of a stable in the town of Bethlehem a new light was given to the world: the one who was there in the beginning came into the world. In him was life- and the life was the light of peoples. The Word became flesh and lived among us." We broke bread and sang words of light and hope until the end of worship when we heard names of people who carried the light and passed it on once more, from Hildegard to Ignatius and Theresa, from Dietrich and Martin Luther King, Jr. To us. Students then asked these questions: "Who will keep the light burning in our day? Who will take the light into the world? Who will carry the light into a new year-- a new century-- a new millennium? Who will carry the light--if we do not?" Following these questions students and all who gathered marked crosses upon the brows of those next to them with words of baptismal renewal and charge. 
All this may seem a simple act, a small gesture or even rote. But here's the thing-- at such a time as this we are hearing our story connected with the old, old story. At such a time as this we are hearing the names of our ancestors echo and push us forward. At such a time as this we are reminded of who and whose we are so that we might go into shadowy places and share our light. So that we might also whisper with the Spirit, "Let there be life!"
The community gathered and sent from the LCC fills me with persistent hope of the light carrying on and on and on. As always, we thank you deeply for your participation with and support of our ministry together.
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