To the Tri-County Community,

Happy New Year! We are almost at the midpoint of the school year- there is a Ferris Bueller quote in here somewhere about time flying by. Our Winter Sports are in full swing. We are preparing freshmen to select their programs soon, and seniors will begin their Senior Project presentations next week. Ms. Haney will be planting the garden before we know it.

Our MCAS results have been made public and Tri-County is once again a Level 1 school with all of tested programs making gains towards their 2017 goal. It is rewarding to see students work so hard to achieve these goals and a faculty so willing to do whatever they can to help them. We hear and read a great deal about college and career readiness in the news, and here at Tri- County and the other vocational programs across the state this idea of college and career readiness is lived out every day. Congratulations to all the teachers, students, and parents on our 2015 performance.

More congratulations to our Computer Information Systems students on their “Late Pass” app that was entered into the Verizon App Contest and won Best in State winner in the Verizon Innovative App Challenge. Please read below how to help our students succeed at the next level of the competition.

Thank you all for your support,
Mr. Procaccini

In the News

Vote for CIS!

A team of sophomores in Tri-County's Computer Information Systems program needs your votes in their pursuit of the Verizon App Challenge Fan Favorite award. Please vote for them by texting LATEPASS1 to 22333 by January 31. Voting is super simple, and it’s free (standard texting rates apply). To learn more about their app concept, visit:

Winter is Upon Us:

Now that the winter months are here, all Tri-County families are asked to brush up on the inclement weather information posted on our website. Tri-County administrators posted the schedules students will follow in the event of a delayed start on the website. In the event of a delayed opening, our administrators will notify families via the automated message system. On delayed opening days, students in academic classes will operate on an abridged schedule and only attend pre-selected periods. These schedules will be identified as 90-minute Delay I, 90-minute Delay II,120-minute Delay I, or 120-minute Delay II in the automated message. To print out a list of the delay schedules, please visit

Ski Club:
Ski Club will begin trips to Wachusett on Saturday, January 9. The trips run for six consecutive Saturdays. Students need to be in the school’s upper parking lot at 2:30 p.m. for a 2:40 departure from TC.
Guidance Updates
An Important Message for Parents:
Ms. Walsh and Ms. Kennedy will be hosting a parent presentation about Tri-County's new "Signs of Suicide: Suicide Prevention" curriculum on Wednesday, January 27, at 6:30 p.m. They will be sharing important information about recognizing warning signs, as well as explaining how the new suicide prevention curriculum will be implemented in select health classes. Students from SADD will be assisting Ms. Walsh and Ms. Kennedy at the presentation.

All Students:
If there have been any changes to financial situations with the start of the New Year, please contact or have your child see their guidance counselor for information regarding free or reduced lunch availability. Reduced fees are also available in other aspects of education, both at TC and college.
PSAT results have been back logged from College Board and are due to arrive on campus at the end of January. Please listen for future announcements regarding picking up your results and reviewing scores.
Senior Section
The Scholarship Book:
College-bound seniors are invited to check out the “Scholarship Book” in guidance. The book is typically updated weekly. There is also a book of job listings available for students who are looking for jobs either presently or for after graduation.
Senior Project Presentations:

This is a reminder that all parent/guardians will be receiving an invitation to their child’s Senior Project Presentation. This invitation indicates the actual presentation time. In some instances, your child may prefer that you do not attend as young people often feel that your presence may make them nervous, or distracted. PLEASE be sensitive to their request.

We are now uploading the presentations to “The Cloud”. Uploads occur at the end of the presentation week. A video recording of your child’s presentation will be available on their ITs Learning account. Once it is posted, it is highly recommended that you download and save it as the account collapses upon graduation.

NOTE: In the event of a school cancellation due to snow, those students will be rescheduled to present on a future date. Parents will be alerted to the new date and time. In instances of late opening due to weather, students should arrive to school prepared to present regardless.

Cooperative Education:

The second quarter is coming to a close on Friday, January 22. Letters were sent home over the holiday break to those Co-op students who are struggling with academics. If this is your child, please encourage him/her to connect with the teacher to bring up that grade. More often than not, it is simply a matter of making up an assignment that was forgotten, or a test/quiz that he/she missed due to absence. Our teachers go to great lengths for all of our students to help them be successful and responsible. Since Co-op students are not in school on B week, it is imperative that they seek out the teacher and make the appropriate arrangements to get back on track. Students should prepare to stay with the teacher on their Late Help Day. Additionally, they should plan to attend the Homework Center, where there is a teacher on duty for each subject daily and ready to help out no matter what the issue.      
After working so hard to get out on Co-op, it would be a shame to lose that real world experience as well as that well-deserved paycheck!

We are still missing some time sheets. Time on task must be input to attendance records. Failure to turn in the time sheet will render your child ineligible for Co-op during the third term. Please ask your child if they are among the missing. Your support is necessary for your child to remain out on Co-op.

Upcoming Events

Grade 9 Shop Selection Night
Wednesday, January 13

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Monday, January 18

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