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Dear Friends,

It has come to my attention I have been advertised to speak at the (former Victory of Light), Body, Mind & Spirit Expo in Cincinnati this coming weekend (Nov.20-21).  Although I have attended the VOL for over 25yrs I will no longer be attending. For no other reason than I am too tired these days to do those marathon readings. Instead, I have invested my energy into teaching online and doing phone or zoom readings with my clients throughout the world. In other words, I have retired from shows and events like this.  So, in short terms, I will not be presenting at this expo, nor reading.  I may attend, however, just to say hi to all my old psychic family.  If you see me in the aisles please say hi!

Now, due to people expecting me to be there (especially since I am listed in the full-color program), I am making a one-time offer.  I typically read for 1 hour with my clients doing only 1 per day,  The current cost of this session is $100.  For 10 days only (pre-booked, pre-paid) I am offering 30min session (phone or zoom) for $50.  This is for NEW and OLD clients. This is the ONLY time of year I will accept new clients with referrals from existing clients. 

If you are interested text message me asap at 513-714-4492.  Once all spots are filled, this offer will no longer be offered.   

Also, there will be no BOGOS offered this year, as my energy is going into teaching others of their gifts. 

Have you considered studying with me?  For any level of the student, I have an opportunity for you. 


I am proceeding with a Freshmen (beginner level) teach class from Jan0June 2022. Although it is titled Freshmen if you have studied just a bit, or even more than that but not quite at a professional/collegiate level, this class can introduce you to newer concepts and abilities I believe can be grown.  Students have remarked they have learned more in this 6-month course than years in other studies.  It is intensive and hands-on.  You will come away with a deeper understanding of metaphysics. 

This is a 5 lesson course that will educate you on energetic topics as; The Awakening, Energy, Vibrations, Auras, Dowsing, and Numerology.  This class meets every other Sunday from 7 pm-8:30 pm Eastern time.  The cost of this class is - $500 (or $350 for early registration and payment by Dec, 15th).  If you are interested please email me ASAP - 


I am offering another Chakra Teacher Certification Course from Jan-Dec, 2022

If you have considered deeper study and self-development, this course may be for you. If you are a past student of mine, this is open to you. If you are a Reiki level 3 or Master, this course is open to you, if you are a current psychic medium practitioner, this course is open to you. I can only tell you it will change your life, your view of life, and the cosmos and put you in the driver's seat of your life, your chakra body, and your intentions. 

This course does a very deep dive on the Chakra system and meets every other Sunday from 7 pm-8:30 pm.  The cost is $1250 (unless there is early registration which is due no later than Dec 15th, then the course is $1000).  This course is limited to 15 people maximum for greater one-on-one learning. 

If I have never worked with you before (as a student), you will need to do a phone interview with me.  I want to feel your intentions, your energy, and see if this is the correct course for you.  Realize, it is never about the money.  It is about the connection, and if I can assist you in your growth or not.  If I cannot, or you are not actually ready, it does neither of us any good.  So, an interview (for both of us) is necessary.   513-714-4492


Finally, I am considering doing some short (3minute) mini-lessons on TikTok.  Do you have any suggestions for topics?  What would you like to know concerning all things psychic, new age, etc?


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