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Can you believe there are only a few weeks left in this decade?  It seems these last few months I've experienced a sense of urgency as if time is running out.  I've worked on a variety of projects, but then shelved them for one reason or another.  Well, many of them have jumped off that shelf and demanded some attention.  I feel these projects are asking to be carried into 2020.  I wonder if the same is happening to you?  Are you purging?  Are you tossing away things you've held on to "just in case?"  Has the time for those said projects or items passed their expiration date?  Is it time to toss it and move on, or bring it into fresh new energy? 

I know many of us attempt the "new year, new me" promise every year, but imagine having an entire DECADE behind that statement.  This is an extremely powerful time, so work to harness this fresh start to work for you in your life. 

So, what do you need to plan out in this new decade?  New job? New relationship? Stronger family ties, or breaking some dysfunctional patterns with family?  This is the time to begin your manifestation.  It begins with a list.  First of all, don't make a list so long that it becomes overwhelming.  Remember this isn't wishcraft or a magic pill.  It will require effort and work to achieve.  Manifestation is aligning yourself with Universal booster power to achieve your desires, not the make a wish foundation.   

The next step is to prepare your life and to lift your own vibration to meet this expectation.  I'm sure you have heard of the Curse of the Lottery.  (Someone wins an enormous amount of money, only to be broke within years of their winnings.)  The winner may have gotten the millions, but their life and their energy vibration were NOT prepared for it.  Based on what you are looking for you would need to adapt that energy into your current life.  Meaning, if you are looking for a relationship, have you made time for someone?  Make sure you clear your calendar and make yourself available for love to enter.  If you believe you want a new job in the new decade, begin with a refreshed resume, actively seek the career path you want.  Research various companies to determine which employer might fit you the best. 

Finally, see it through.  Don't become discouraged when it doesn't happen immediately.  It takes time to create this new energy both in the Universe and in your heart.  Keep your eye on the prize.  For example; if you are seeking that romantic relationship, don't accept a job that works you 60-80hrs per week.  That isn't fair to any potential partner and certainly wouldn't allow for development time in that relationship.  Live your life as if "it" is already happening to get yourself aligned with that energy. 

1) Make a list to determine your desires. 
2) Prepare your vibration to accept the incoming desire. 
3) See it through. 

Best of luck to you on your Decade Manifestations.  You can do it, and you DESERVE it!

I will be speaking and giving a workshop that teaches a development of language with your Guardian Angels.  This is a class that works with all knowledge levels.  If you are attending the workshop and are considering studying with me in 2020, please ask for an ESPIQ test to determine if we are a good fit as a student and teacher. 
The Victory of Light Expo
(click VOL to see the website for information)
Saturday, Nov. 23rd, 2019
at 2 pm

*** To the clients that want readings from me at the show, please don't be disappointed.  I am moving back to Cincinnati next year and will be there for you in 2020.  In the meantime, I will make a SPECIAL 1-time offer to you.  I will do a phone reading for 30 minutes for $35 from today until  Nov. 30th, 2019.  You must call or text me at 513-714-4492 to get this offer and mention this ad. 

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