Another year, another new you.  We've all said it, and believed it until the first snafu at work, the first argument with our lover, or the first bounced check.  Then, just as quickly as our hope and optimism came, it wanes.  How can we actually make 2019 a more consistently positive year?  Simply put, actions speak louder than proclamations, and actions back up resolutions.  So, how do we walk our talk and back up our resolutions? 

There are lots of tips and suggestions, and I am going to share mine with you.  

1) Clean out your closets.  Get rid of what no longer works for you.  this is a way to tell the Universe you are releasing what doesn't work for you.

2) Clear your cabinets (including medicine ones) to get rid of the expired items.  Feelings that have expired no longer need to be held onto for a later time, as these are now toxic.

3) Delete old emails that aren't serving you.  Old messages and old words may not get the new 2019 you.  This shows you are open to receiving new information into your life.

4) Commit to one day a week to eat healthily.  Plan it out, and pre-shop tp have the items on hand. After a month, increase to 2 days.  Continue to add a day each month.  Before 2020 you will be eating EVERY meal as a healthy one without diving in head first and failing.  (
Healthy meal will be at the end of every 2019 newsletter)

5) Take a full day of intention.  Thinking of what you have as blessings and what you would like to bring into your new 2019 self.  I personally create a vision board so I can keep my intentions direct toward my goal throughout the year.  

+++ From my friend S.G. Redling - Write a letter to your 2019 self, and read it on New Year's in 2020.  I adore this idea and am ON IT!  
I heard a great savings tip that I think I could get on board with, it might work for you too. Each payday purchase a pre-paid VISA gift card, even for $10. 
Be sure to check activation fees and expiration dates). 
At the end of the Thanksgiving weekend, you'll have all the holiday funds you need. Or, if you don't celebrate you could have enough for a nice getaway!

Details - ONLINE Classes

CALL 513-714-4492

I've been an in-person metaphysical teacher for over 20 years.  Now I've discovered a wonderful platform that will allow me to share my powerpoints, my on-air video and a very in-person class session with each of you, no matter where you live.  All classes are scheduled at 6PM - 8PM Eastern (so check to see your country's time zones). I will take only10 students per class. You may take classes a la carte, or the entire series (those who choose series will be guaranteed a seat).  This is a brief description of the series syllabus:
Level 1 - The Foundation (recommended for beginners to my classes)
$35/each ONLINE class or entire level (cash discount) $200.00

Jan - 20 - Energy & Vibrations - Everyone talks about energy, but what is it really?  How is it manipulated? How can you determine the various levels of vibrations, and interpret them?
Feb 3 - Energy & Vibrations (Hands-On Labs) - We learn to read vibrations and interpret them using our energy and intuition. There are various exercises to develop your sensitivity. 
Feb 17 - The Awakening - Your growth as a soul is never-ending.  There are various stages and successes you can reach and break beyond with the understanding of the "why".
March 3 - The HUEman Aura - Your natural ability to sense, is held within your auric field. Yes, we will see auras (that's the easy part).  Learning to understand and interpret them is the focus. 
March 17 - Psychic Dowsing - Using a pendulum is the beginning of understanding the subtle art of using your psychic abilities with your physical self. 
March 31 - Learn Numerology - This ancient art of using numbers as a method of divination can unlock your understanding of individual archetypes. 
April 14 - Cards As A Tool - Using an oracle deck we will begin to learn the various patterns of each card, as well as various layouts to assist you to achieve the best session you can. 
April 28 - Introduction to Chakras - What is the Charka system?  How do we know it's real, and how can we affect it?


Level 2 - The Seals of Solomon - The Chakra System
(recommended for everyone, including Reiki Masters)
$35/each ONLINE class or entire level (cash discount) $200.00


Jan 19 - Chakra 1 - Muladhara - Our survival center, but so much more.  This is the foundation of your personality and programming 
Feb 2 - Chakra 2 - Svadhisthana (3 hours) - Your sexual emotional center is how we discern how we feel about everything. 
Feb 16 - Chakra 3 - Manipura - Am I enough, is the question this chakra asks.  Learn to affect your drive and intelligence here. 
March 2 -  Chakra 4 - Anahata - The bridge between the chakras, teaches us the love and forgiveness we need to survive and thrive. 
March 16 - Chakra 5 - Vishuddha - Speaking your truth is a mere part of this chakra, learning to clue in and push out all hidden and buried words is the key here. 
March 30 - Chakra 6 - Ajna - The famous 3rd eye center.  But what else does this chakra oversee and control, you may be surprised to find out. 
April 13 - Chakra 7 - Sahasrara - The Thousand Petals of Enlightenment are held within this crown center.  How can we achieve our highest potential is revealed. 
April 27 - Chakra Diagnostics - This class will allow you to quickly assess what chakra(s) are out of sync, why they are out of sync and how to assist your client/partner/friend to get them back on track. 


Level 3 - The Communication Series
Level 4 - The Mediumship Series
Begin in June


What Does 2019 Hold For You?
It's been a very difficult 12 months for most of us, as 2018 was an "11" year in Numerology.  Which indicated challenges, difficulties and Murphy's Law (whatever could go wrong....did). So, now what does this new year old for you?  I have sessions opened weekly for an hour-long review of what choices might be best for you! It's a great investment at $100 (and I am accepting PayPal once again).  513-714-4492 to book!  
Did You Get A Gift Certificate For The Holidays?
It's time to get you scheduled for your gift reading, please review the calendar HERE and email me at, choosing 2-3 times and dates to get your session set. 
January Healthy Meal Pick of the Month  Baked Honey Mustard Chicken.
Click photo to get the recipe.  
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