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COVID-19 Update:

We hope everyone has been staying safe as we are starting our first phases of re-opening. The FNCC is open and seeing patients, and we are taking every precaution necessary to make sure that we are operating in a safe and healthy environment. Below are some things we'd like to ask of you, so we can provide the best care possible:

1. If you are currently experiencing any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19 (cough, fatigue, sore throat, shortness of breath, and fever), please refrain from visiting our office and isolate until you are symptom-free for 72 hours. We take ours and our patients' health very seriously, and we promise we can see you as soon as you're better. 

2. If being seen in the office, please wear a mask. There are lots of easy do-it-yourself masks available online!

3. When you arrive for your appointment, please text or call the office at (407) 494-0053 and let us know you are here. To minimize contact, we will be only allowing one patient in the office at a time. When you arrive in the office, please wash your hands thoroughly!


In the coming months, we are going to be focusing on concussion; the injury itself, symptoms surrounding it, and how we can work together to accelerate the healing process after one happens. 

First off, a definition: 

A concussion is a complex injury, medically defined as a “trauma-induced alteration in mental status that may or may not involve loss of consciousness”.

In other words, a concussion is any traumatic blow to the head or neck that alters the way you think, behave, or feel. Concussions are seen frequently in sports activities but are also commonly seen as a result of car accidents. 

There are a lot of ways that people describe a concussion: “getting your bell rung”, “dinging your head”, and “knocking your noggin”. These terms all downplay the potential seriousness of the injury. Concussions are not to be taken lightly, and if you suspect that you or a loved one has sustained one, it’s important to get help. That is where we come in!

Typical symptoms of concussion include headache, dizziness, brain fog, difficulty concentrating, nausea, and fatigue. Though not an exhaustive list, it should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect. If you have questions or want to get more information about concussions, please reach out to us. We’d love to speak with you!



Nowadays, it’s difficult to “turn off”. The constant allure of technology in phones, computers, tablets, and televisions tempts us to be constantly connected. Even when we aren’t looking at a screen, turning our minds off to relax in the moment is something that nearly everyone has trouble with.

We’ve talked previously about the breathing techniques that help get your body into a parasympathetic state. If we were to take this one step further, we could start to branch into actively practicing meditation and mindfulness. 

Mindfulness doesn’t always equate to meditation, but all meditation requires mindfulness. Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present and aware of what is going on around us and how we are feeling without falling into a reactive response. 

Just like anything else, mindfulness gets easier with practice. The ultimate goal is to be able to observe the inner workings of our mental, emotional, and physical responses to stimuli. When you can focus on living completely in the present moment, you can become aware of your breath, your heartbeat, and the sounds around you. You can observe how you are feeling, and if your mind is quiet or busy. The more you can practice the art of being mindful, the easier it is for your brain to recognize those moments.

One exercise to practice mindfulness is to set an alarm for two to three times a day. When the alarm goes off, take a minute or two to relax. Focus on your breathing, and take in the world around you. Where are you seated? What do you hear around you? How do you feel in the present moment?

Practicing mindfulness daily will help you to tap into the inner workings of your self. If you want some advice on where to begin, please get in touch!

It is with a Happy-Sad heart that we announce that everyone’s favorite Rehab Coordinator Megan will be leaving the office at the end of June to move on to another phase of her life. She is seeking further education in a doctorate degree, and is moving with her partner Nick as he graduates with his doctorate and moves into a new teaching position. We are so very grateful for the time that we have been able to share with Megan and the dedicated care she has provided patients. Congratulations to both of you and best of luck on your journey!
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