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Milestone of the Month Featuring: Park County Weed and Pest
Rate: 7 oz Milestone® Herbicide
Key Weeds: Oxeye Daisy, Canada Thistle, and Spotted Knapweed
Park County has been spraying in the Greater Yellowstone Area for 10 years. Their crew stays on a guest ranch for two weeks while they are making applications, primarily out of a backpack. Milestone® herbicide has been a key component for eradicating noxious weeds, focusing on oxeye daisy, Canada thistle, and spotted knapweed. Supervisor, Josh Shorb, shed some light on what Milestone is bringing to the table to accomplish their goals for the site.

When I asked Josh how Milestone is changing the game, he commented, “Milestone is the game now. It went from a new chemistry to the standard. It fits the weed profile selectivity, but also has a desirable environmentally friendly profile and native forb tolerances.”

And that is evident from the progress they have made. The logging trails are no longer the problem that once existed. In some areas, the plant densities seem to be depleted. And it is very important for this area. Yellowstone hosted 4 million people this year. That is a lot of weeds being brought in. Shorb commented, “We do everything we can to keep this area pristine. You won’t be able to keep it free and eradicated from noxious weeds, but we’ve got them beat down.”

I asked Josh about one of the proudest accomplishments of the site. In 2013, Park County hosted the Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee Terrestrial Weed Subcommittee. In previous years, it was discussed to get the Greater Yellowstone Area together for a spray project. 20 agencies and 70 people got together to work from the Montana state line and from Cooke Pass to the junction (US Highway 212 and State Highway 296). The main product used: Milestone® herbicide. It took a lot of coordinating and planning, but what a phenomenal accomplishment that continues year after year.
The aggressive lay of the land can make it difficult to detect noxious weeds. GPS marking on foot and hiking allows their crew to be specific with their applications. 
Forb regeneration at an old gravel pit site where there was once little desirable species or plant cover. 
Park County Weed and Pest employees.
Spraying Milestone in and amongst trees with a backpack has led to much success with Oxeye Daisy control. 
I had the opportunity to spray with Park County in Crandall for a couple days this summer. The 10-12 mile hikes were intense, but the experience was phenomenal. The crew really had a lot of knowledge on plant identification and the products they were using. I was pretty excited to be spraying Milestone, and even more excited I didn’t have to use my bear spray. One word that I would use to describe this team: passion. Thank you, Park County Weed and Pest for your dedication and support—a well worthy Milestone of the Month!

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