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Industrial Robotics Key Facts

Industry 4.0 technologies are already available 

There are no longer any borders between industrial robotics and service robotics. With the two sectors sharing core technologies, the number of solutions available on the industrial robotics market has skyrocketed. These include, for example, AGV mobile robots and cobotics. When combined with artificial intelligence algorithms, cobotics enables humans to work with robots safely and simply to improve productivity and make particularly strenuous tasks easier.

Industry 4.0: Iconic Technologies

AKEOPLUS offers a range of agile IOT robotics solutions called AKEOBOT®. The flagship product is a Dual Arm for assembly, Pick & Place and small-scale machining operations, visual surface inspection in particular. The full range of its robotic solutions can be reconfigured thanks to the artificial intelligence incorporated in the AKEOBRAIN® controller. The robot can learn tasks through a simple process supervised by the human operator. The principle is to train AKEOBOT® in the same way you would train a new employee.
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ABB has developed a collaborative, dual arm, small parts assembly robot solution that includes flexible hands, parts feeding systems, camera-based part location and state-of-the-art robot control. YuMi® is a vision of the future. YuMi® will change the way we think about assembly automation. YuMi® is “you and me”, working together to create endless possibilities. 
Adept provides robotics systems that can be installed in existing premises without any major modifications. They act by interaction with personnel. These mobile robots are available in several versions, for semi-conductors fabs, for transporting all kinds of parts, or capable of carrying heavy loads.                                
The Stamina collaborative project aims to design a mobile robotic system to prepare part kits in the automotive industry. Stamina moves throughout logistics warehouses that store auto parts and grabs heavy parts such as alternators or starters, and deposits them in an embedded box. The kit is then delivered to the assembly line conveyor.
BALYO designs, manufactures and markets robotic handling solutions for the manufacturing and logistics sectors. In 2015, BALYO signed an exclusive cooperation agreement with FENWICK LINDE to jointly develop innovative robotics solutions: L-MATIC and P-MATIC. More than automated trucks, these smart robots seamlessly match the concept of Factory of the Future.
The new cobot developed by the CEA spin-off Sybot is more robust, powerful, and economical than competitors’ solutions, integrating seamlessly into the industrial environment and offering interactive learning capabilities for greater ease-of-use and more efficient management.
Delta Robotics reached an agreement with Toshiba Machine and Kawasaki Robotics to make robots easy to program and to control. By simplifying the robot-operator relation, Delta Robotics aims to reduce the workload without replacing human employees by robots. Kawasaki’s robot DuAro is able to reproduce the movements an operator taught him and can be installed in a few minutes with the “plug & play” mode.
F&P Robotics headquartered in Zurich (Switzerland) develops and produces innovative Personal Robots, which safely collaborate with humans. F&P Robotics offers complete robotics’ solutions, having established expertise in both arm (P-Rob) and effector (P-Grip) technologies.
With a 35 kg payload and extensive safety certifications,
the FANUC CR-35iA collaborative robot pushes back the
boundaries of human-robot interaction. The CR-35iA’s soft, fi re-resistant cover eliminates pinch points and sharp edges. The cover also reduces contact pressure and, in the unlikely event
of an impact, provides cushioning. 
Having difficulty with production improvements? Struggling to meet different needs of customers, while securing manpower to adapt to multiproduct variable quantity production? KAWADA’s next generation industrial robot “NEXTAGE” has been collaborating with humans in the manufacturing facilities in Japan, where innovative robots have helped manufacturing plants solve problems and improve their efficiency.
LBR stands for "lightweight robot", iiwa for "intelligent industrial work assistant”. The LBR iiwa redefines the possibilities for industrial robotics. For the first time, human and robot can work together on highly sensitive tasks in close cooperation. Safety fences are dispensed with, new applications are opened up and the way is paved for greater cost-effectiveness and utmost efficiency.
Rethink Robotics develops smart, collaborative robots that can operate safely next to people in a wide range of manufacturing, production and research & education environments.

Industry 4.0 news

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Industry 4.0 at Innorobo

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