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Innorobo Event this week:
-  Ticket Office opening
-  Experts Corner: experts at your disposal @Innorobo

-  Integrator's Day
-  Place of honor for start-ups

-  DGE / ONERA Competition: the excellence of French outdoor robotics
-  Call for Innovations: do you contribute to saving the planet? Let the world            know!

Book your stand now and get mentionned at the press conference in front of the media. Go for it!
Innorobo's Ticket Office officially opens!
Student: 20€ at gate / 10€ online
Business 1 day : 60€ / 40€ 
Business 3 days : 120€ / 80€ 
All tickets and prices include VAT here

Experts Corner: experts at your fingertips @Innorobo
Experts will be available in discussion forums @Innorobo. A unique opportunity to ask questions and discuss scientific, legal, strategic and market aspects.
One of these experts, Nathalie Nevejans, author of a major work on law and ethics in civil robotics (Traité de droit et d'éthique de la robotique civile) will take part in all of the debates. She will be able to answer all of your questions about the legal dimension of robotics, such as civil liability in collaborative robotics, insurance for autonomous vehicles and more.
Check out her profile on LinkedIn.

Integrator's Day: 2nd day of Innorobo 2017

Integrators and robotics innovations: essential or a missing link?

A robotics integrator is a company, most often in contact with an OEM or manufacturer, in charge of integrating various mechanical, electronic and computational components together to operate a new robotic system within the client company. In the automotive sector, for example, the integrator builds and sets up one or more automated lines within a production facility. Indeed, the industrial robotics market appears to be dominated by a few big global groups. Read more

Place of honor for start-ups
@Innorobo, start-ups have everything to win!
Gain visibility
Taking part in Innorobo has given a boost to many start-ups, such as Grillbot, whose barbecue-cleaning robot appeared on several TV shows and in online articles.

"We met with a lot of European Distributors." they said about Innorobo2016.
Join them and enjoy the true visibility that start-ups booths provide.
Take home all the prizes
Visitor one year, exhibitor the next! Yumii has created a platform to help the elderly maintain their autonomy at home thanks to a robot.
Visitors @Innorobo2016, they decided to exhibit @Innorobo2017.
Cutii the robot has already won the call for innovations of CES2017 in Las Vegas and seems unstoppable.
Have a unique experience @Innorobo
Axilum, the winner of the Call for Start-ups at Innorobo 2016 thanks to its robot for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, fondly remembers its participation:
"The event has helped us to make a name for ourselves in the ecosystem and has long-term benefits. And it's always exhilarating and inspiring to see all the inventions and applications shown, emphasizing the dynamism of the sector."
Sign up now for a startup booth to be in the heart of the exhibition!

Call for Robotics Innovation 2017!
Does your innovation help to address a Global Challenge such as Education, the Environment, Food, Health, etc?

Make it known: answer our call for projects!

Winners will be honored in front of a first-class audience of roboticists, scientists, investors, users and the media.

The call is open to organizations of any size.

--> Applications close February 27th, 2017 at midnight.
Attend an extraordinary display of French excellence in outdoor robotics!
Outdoor robotics competition – ONERA – DGE – 7 March, 2017 
This competition is an initiative of the French Ministry of Economic and Financial Affairs (Directorate-General for Enterprise - DGE) as part of the New Industrial France (NIF). It is organized by ONERA.

On 7 March, at the mythical Air and Space Museum in Paris – Le Bourget, attendees can watch 6 hours of demonstrations of innovative technologies by the 24 selected participants. The competition, which will award 4 prizes, will showcase the excellence of French outdoor robotics.
Aerial, terrestrial and maritime drones and robots will be showed in situation for autonomous progression as part of real scenarii.
The event is also the opportunity to share with societies, experts and professionals from different sectors invited about the innovations of robotics system with a developped autonomy.
 A day of demonstrations of excellence!
 More information on the website.
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