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  • 3D Printing, the Age of Reason - Bertier Luyt, CEO, Le Fabshop
  • 3D Printing: A new industrial revolution is coming - Yves Daunas, CEO, Delta Equipement
  • The Future of Artificial Intelligence - Théophile Gonos, Président, A.I.Mergence
  • The future of sensors in robotics - Ákos Dömötör, CEO, OptoForce
  • Multi-beam sensors broaden the horizon of robotics applications - Marc Le Floch, CADDEN
  • Innorobo and Inside 3D Printing Paris: Showcase your innovations!
This year, 3D printing turns 7 years old. Until 2009, experts spoke of “rapid prototyping via additive manufacturing”, a set of technically demanding, difficult-to-implement technologies reserved to avant-garde industrial firms.
The expiry of Stratasys’ patent on its filament deposit technology in 2009 transformed the landscape and triggered a revolution that is just getting started.
A new industrial revolution is coming in both traditional industries and those that have made the jump to robotics. It is called “Additive Manufacturing” or AM for short!
Our way of creating and thinking will be shaken up. Technical rationale and parts development will be different, helping to save time during prototyping. The range of materials that can be used in AM will be huge, offering a wide variety of textures, strengths and colors. People with no technical expertise will now be able to produce items and designers will be able to manufacture the objects they have imagined.
Since the advent of the first computers, artificial intelligence (AI) has fueled the imagination of science fiction writers and the general public. Works by Asimov and films such as Star Wars, Terminator, Blade Runner and others present robots with highly evolved cognitive abilities.
In reality, today’s “intelligent” systems are gifted at specific tasks and are even better than humans at some, for example chess. Their talent remains limited to one specific task, however.
When robots need to be out in the real world and not just in fenced-off production lines, they need to have senses as good as or even better than ours. Tactile, vision, temperature, humidity and all kinds of sensors will be in high demand and as people will want robots to do more and more of their work, their price will need to drop.
Sensors are the building blocks of data acquisition systems. They are used to transform the state of an observed physical volume into data that can be used by a device. What kind of future do they have in robotics, and where are they already being used on a wide scale?
Show your vision of robotics and 3D printing! 
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Meet them at Innorobo and Inside 3D Printing!

Innorobo is Europe’s only summit dedicated to innovations in robotics, a unique forum where decision-makers and international experts discuss their vision.
Players from all industries can see first-hand innovations that address the major challenges our world is facing and discover new ways to help their company grow and gain a competitive edge.
Inside 3D Printing is the largest professional 3D printing and additive manufacturing event worldwide. See how 3D printing is revolutionizing industries including manufacturing, jewelry, medicine, architecture, aerospace, and more.
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