A human approach to robotics
Innorobo this week:
 - Discover the very first exhibitors @Innorobo 2017
 - Program of Robotics General Assembly (May 16th 2017)
Exhibitors @Innorobo 2017 : representatives in every step of robotics
Battery: Blue Inductive

Blue Inductive develops wireless superchargers for electric vehicles. We solve the problem of supplying mobile industrial robots and electric cars with power conveniently and fully automated - without the need of human interaction.

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Service robot: Yumii
Yumii is a start-up from Roubaix (FRANCE) created in April 2016 and operating in the personal service sector using a companion robot named Cutii.
We revolutionize the daily lives of seniors by simplifying communication with their family, caretakers and doctors.

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Components: Harmonic Drive

For more than 40 years, Harmonic Drive is an undisputed leader for the supply of gears and servomotors for robotics.
The Harmonic Drive principle offers lightness, compactness, high accuracy and zero backlash and is therefore ideal for robotics.
Harmonic Drive includes three factories in Germany, in Japan and in the USA.

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Robotics and Education: EURLAB Lycée Louis Armand

EURLAB is dedicated to all people interested in robotics: teachers, students, "makers", schools and companies .It was created by three european schools as an ERASMUS+ Project funded by European Commission:

Lycée Louis Armand in Nogent sur Marne, a French Technical High School specialized in Computer Aided Design, Electricity, Robotics and Mechatronics.
Heinz Nixdorf Berufskollegin Essen, a German Technical High School specialized in Electronics, Automation, IT, Mechatronics, Programming and Software Engineering.
ITI AM in Cosenza, an Italian Technical High School specialized in Programming, Networking and Robotics.

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Artificial Intelligence: A.I. Mergence

A.I.Mergence is a start-up company specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Robotics. We are currently conceiving the first French smart robot dedicated to domestic security. We benefit from a solid expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics also offer a consulting service to advise companies in various areas.

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Integrator / Distributor: Humarobotics
Professional service-robotics integrator and and the biggest Europan supplier for robotics product aimed towards Education and Research. Humarobotics is offering the best way to get you involved in the service robotics world. They ensure design and development of innovative solutions (human/robot interaction, machine learning, industrial robotics...) ; on site deployment of turnkey solutions ; training in robot programming (ROS, certified NAO and PEPPER trainers) ; and reliable and efficient technical support.

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RGA (Robotics General Assembly)
Robotics General Assembly will be held @Innorobo 2017 during the first day to talk about France’s excellence in robotics and its international standing, featuring current events and concrete examples (talks by customers) ; provide information on the highlights of the French Robotics Plan, which is part of Industries of the Future and Smart Object Solutions, in 2016 (robot loans, techdays, challenges, etc.) and the actions planned for 2017 ; and reflect on and debate major topics: Training and robotics professions.
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