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Discover a selection of exhibitors!

Akeo Plus, Ba Systèmes, Boubiela Moret, Capacites, CETIM, Delta Equipement, EBM-PAPST, Gobio Robot, Percipio Robotics, Pilz Electronic France, Proxinnov, RB3D, Stäubli...
And more!
Apegelec, arts et Métiers, BMZ GmbH, EDA Expert, Effidence, Enova Robotics, HPC, Kinova, TSA...
And more!
AnyWalker, Easymov Robotics, EDA Expert, Haapie, Hoomano, OptoForce, Mathworks, Humarobotics, ERM Automatismes...
And more!
See you next week for another focus on: Smart Homes, Smart City and Medical & Health Robotics!
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Inside 3D Printing Conference : discover the keynote speeches

This year marks the first time Inside 3D Printing has held an event in Paris, and the conference will take place from May 24-26 at Les Docks de Paris.
This year’s conference is going to focus on a wide variety of 3D printing and additive manufacturing applications in the fields of medicine and surgery, the toy industry, aerospace, food, manufacturing and more.

Session topics will include:

Speaking from his popular new book, “3D Printing Will Rock the World,” which has been called a “must-read” offering “rare insight into how 3D printing is redefining what can be designed and manufactured,” industry thought leader John Hornick takes an insightful look into the world of 3D printing and its potential future impact on business and personal life, manufacturing, the law and crime, and, basically, life as we know it. John explains where this disruptive technology stands today and where it is going, and how everything will change when you can make anything.

Plastics and metals are the dominant materials in the current 3D printing field. This talk by Michael Petch will look at lesser publicized materials and related processes. Specifically, ceramics, graphene (and other nano-materials), hydro & aerogels in the context of 3D printing. The current academic research, commercial applications (and relevant patents), production of materials and the possible future developments will be reviewed with reference to independent research conducted for this presentation.

The world seems now to know all about 3D Printing. Articles in popular media are appearing everywhere, extolling the virtues of this wondrous technological ‘revolution’. What the media seems not to realize is that 3D Printing has been benefiting manufacturers and product developers for over 2 decades. For many years, people have been slowly evolving Rapid Prototyping technology into the marvel that we have today. This presentation will provide an industry overview and explore the latest trends impacting global markets and consider how they may further revolutionize the future of manufacturing.

Docteur Achala Del Mel will cover surgical implants/artificial organs of interest along with materials considerations and smart materials. Cellular integration including printing a ‘living’ implant and 3D printing challenges related to instrumentation and software are all part of the discussion.

While 3D printing is growing at exponential speed in various applications across the spectrum, the consumer segment is quaintly rising up and is poised to climb the pole position in a few years time. The penetration of basic printers in schools followed by home ready 3D printers will shift the power to the consumer. The talk would focus on the rise of the consumer segment over the past and the factors that are playing out to make this the dominant segment. A meta analysis thoroughly researched data from various tech analysts across should be able to tell us what lies inside the proverbial crystal ball.

Yang Yihu is President and Chief Executive Officer of ESUN, the leader in PLA and 3D printing material. This highly informative session focuses on the opportunities and challenges related to FDM3D material. Join us as we analyze the reasons behind the rapidly growing popularity of FDM3D, point out the main problems, and explore one standard for FDM3D material. We’ll also provide examples of the PLA and PVA modification process in 3D printing. Finally, we’ll summarize the status of Esun filament as it applies to the overall market and maker community.

Register for Innorobo and Inside 3D Printing Paris: Save Money and avoid on-site registration lines by registering online

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