A human approach to robotics
Innorobo Event this week
-  launches a Call for Robotics Innovations
-  reveals the first part of its program
-  in partnership with the Docks de Paris to make your life easier!

Global Challenges
Top 15 Global Challenges

Call for Robotics Innovations 2017!

Innorobo launches a Call for Robotics Innovations!
Time has come to promote advances in robotics technology that make a concrete contribution to sustainable humankind. The Call for Robotics Innovations is open to any kind and size of organization that will be awarded during the event. The prize will be selected by the winner among several possibilities.

Rules and criteria have been inspired by 2 NGOs:
  • The Millennium Project: to define the current top 15 Global Challenges we have to face as human beings (framework above).
  •  Standards of Evidence of Nesta : that enables the impact of innovations to be measured at a pace and approach that is appropriate to their individual development.
-> Application: as of December, 15th 2016
-> Application closing: February, 17th at midnight.
Rules & Criteria

Day 1: General Purpose Technology
Let's tak about the future
- 5th Edition of Robotics General Assembly
- Interactive conference (Upon invitation for exhibitors and partners)
- Networking Cocktail

Day 2: Uses & Business Impact
Let's talk about real life issues
- Flipped Pitch Sessions: companies come and pitch their challenges
- Integrators' time: integrators present use cases and attend dedicated workshops

Day 3: Cooperation & Dissemination 
Let's talk together
- Research projects dissemination
- Research/industry cooperation
- Internatonal cooperation

Revamping the Docks de Paris for Innorobo 2017!
Innorobo and the Docks de Paris are mobilizing efforts:
  • 3 halls:  6000sq.m. of exhibition
  • A balanced distribution within the 3 locations : central stages, restaurants facilities, business areas and start-ups booths in every hall
  • A 300 seats conference room for an inspiring talk !
An easier accessibility to save you time:
  • Signage from all routes to get to the Docks
  • Free parking for exhibitors
  • Free shuttle bus from the metro station
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