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Innorobo this week:
 - A dedicated day to Integrators : 17th of May
 - A new selection of exhibitors @Innorobo 2017

Integrators' day
This day is devoted to pragmatic robotic solutions that meet companies’ everyday needs and and concrete challenges. It includes Flipped Pitch sessions and a complete program dedicated to new integrators. 
9:15 - 10:00 
Use-case and business impact
Introduction of the day
Panorama of integration in France and exposure of the challenges and opportunities (technical, human, organizational, economic)

Integrators are an essential part of the robotics value chain.
Technological innovations for the industry of the future (collaborative robotics, M2M, sensors, softrobotics and more) or service companies (social robots, medical robots, assistance robots, outdoor robotics and more) are coming together to transform the sector and its business models. 
10:00 - 11:00
Technological building blocks of integration

State-of-the-art of technologies for deploying and integrating robotic innovations (collaborative industrial robotics and service robotics) and Q&A

  • Software environments: architectures, protocols, development/verification and simulation tools, supervision systems and FDIR specifications.
  • Perception, an essential component of interaction
  • Data processing
11:00 - 12:15
Transformation: Testimonials from integrators
Integrators of interactive robotics: the necessary creation/transformation of the sector

2 round tables of integrator testimonials:

  • Round table N°1: Strategies for the development of integration company. Diversification, vertical integration, development of specific know-how, cooperation: Akeo +, Lucas, Réseau 3r and SITIA

  • Round table N°2: Integration of interactive robotics and services: BA systèmes, Awabot etc. The creation of a value chain.

A day organized under the sponsorship of the Directorate-General for Enterprise within the framework of Industries of the Future.
Read more about the program
Integration in collaborative robotics: the legal framework
By Nathalie Nevejans, expert in law and ethics of robotics and emerging technologies, M. Nevejans will answer your questions in an expert corner @Innorobo for three days.

Launching a collaborative robot in the European market requires compliance with directives. The obligations are brought together in the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE of 17 May 2006, which establishes fundamental requirements for health and safety and, with respect to compliance, makes reference to harmonized standards for technical solutions. In France, this directive has been incorporated in the Labor Code in similar terms, but the provisions have been extended to second-hand machines. Read more
Exhibitors @Innorobo 2017: representatives in every step of robotics
Sensors: FOGALE Robotics

Thanks to new technological developments in the field of sensors, "FOGALE Robotics" offers the possibility to develop a new generation of advanced robots that are affordable, versatile, collaborative and intelligent enough to work with humans 

Read more
3D machine vision: LIPS Corporation

LIPS offer best-of-breed 3D machine vision total solution for their customers throughout the world. This includes their high-performance depth cameras based on ToF, stereo, array, and structured light technologies and OpenNI compatible middleware suite empowered with parallel processing and rich recognition algorithms.

Read more
3D rapid prototyping: Shenzhen Seal Precision Technology Co.

Created in 2006, Shenzhen Seal Precision Technology Co., one of the largest bases in China, has more than 10 years experience in rapid prototyping and owns dozens of professional machines.

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Integrator: SITIA
SITIA develops and integrates innovative robotics systems with the aim to make innovation a reality. Through its branches Factory and Offroad, SITIA carries out its customers’ projects thanks to a team of PhDs and engineers gathering all the skills of robotics, more than 10 years of experience and a detailed knowledge of cutting edge industrial technology.

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Research center: Tecnalia

TECNALIA is the first privately funded applied research and technological development centre in Spain and one of the leading such centres in Europe.

From technology to market, they offer a different business perspective: because they create solutions in co-operation with companies to provide value through technology.

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Service robot: HoCaRo

HoCaRo, standing for Home Care Robotics, is a start up created in France, in order to tackle the problem of personal assistance thanks to robots.

They wish to work closely with institutes and retirement home to be able to answer the needs of aging or handicapped persons.


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