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Week # 35                       18 September 2015

" أَنَا هُوَ الأَلِفُ وَالْيَاءُ، الْبِدَايَةُ وَالنِّهَايَةُ، يَقُولُ الرَّبُّ الْكَائِنُ وَالَّذِي كَانَ وَالَّذِي يَأْتِي، الْقَادِرُ عَلَى كُلِّ شَيْءٍ"
 (رؤيا 8:1)
"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty"
   (Revelation 1:8)


To the Editor

عظة روحية للبابا شنودة الثالث

تذكار القديسين 

Saint of the week


سيرة قديـس هذا الأسبوع

Words with Meanings

كلمات ذات معنى

Ecumenical News
EN 01 تعزية للكنيسة الإنجلية

Church & Politics

CP 01 Liberal Leadership: Malcolm Turnbull defeats Tony Abbott to become PM
CP 02 2015 Canning by-election
CP 03 ACL urges Turnbull to honour post-election marriage vote decision
CP 04 Letter to the Premier regarding refugees
CP 05 Raymond Ibrahim: Muslim Soldiers killing Christian Soldiers in Egypt
CP 06 ISIS abducts 21 Egyptians in Libya
CP 07 Barnabas Persecution Update

Church & Community
CC 01 OMI alert: Young People and the Arts Grants application now open
CC 02 OMI alert: Australia @2015- have your say survey

CC 03 OMI alert: Australian Tax Office- Videos in languages other than English

Church News
CN 01 Visiting Priests
CN 02 Evaluation Meeting for St Mary's Celebration
CN 03 SI Meeting
CN 04 Upcoming Events
CN 05 Tutoring Programs

CN 06 Database Update Campaign
CN 07 Alpha Christian Shop

Real Estate and Housing
RE 01 Real Estate Corner

Our Newsletter
NL 01 Gold lampstand

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New Flag of our Church

Our Graphic Designers suggested the above image to be the flag of our local church, your feedback is much appreciated.
Holy Liturgy
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St Steven's Hymns and Rituals Meeting

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Servants Meeting

Every Sunday
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Confession Table

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Ground Cleaning Table

This week TBA
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Cleaning Roster

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Kitchen Roster

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Voice of the Copts
Every Tuesday
1:00pm – 1:30pm EN
1:30pm – 2:30pm AR

Skype Arabic Bible Study
Thursday from 7:00 till 08:30 PM
Account: Masee7i

CCCP  “Coptic Communication Channel in PERTH”
It is a Viber group to communicate through. Dr. Eihab Bolous & Ms. Emmy Attia are the admin of the group. If you are a member in the group you are able to add others.

Are you interested in joining the panel of the interim consultants affiliated to the church executive committee – 2015?

The Executive Committee in its last meeting decided to invite any candidate who is interested in serving as a consultant to the Executive Committee till the forthcoming official elections. The anticipated elections is going to be sometime next year after the approval of the amended constitution.
Your role will be to give a professional advice to the committee and execute the instructions of it. You will attend certain committee meetings upon request by it. Everyone, including current consultants, are invited to fill an application form. The form is available here or in the Church. For any queries, please contact Fr. Abram Abdelmalek

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To the Editor:

We would like to thank Fr. Abram Abdelmalek, all the servants, youth, and all our friends for their great love. the video they produced touched our heart deeply.


Inas and Nader Nakhla

 العظة الأسبوعية 

للبابا شنودة الثالث

لتكن مشيئتك

Spiritual Talk
المزمور السادس (يارب لا توبخني بغضبك)
للأنبا أباكير


تذكار قديسين الاسبوع القادم 

19 سبتمبر
08 توت استشهاد زكريا الكاهن
استشهاد الشهيد ديميدس القس
20 سبتمبر
09 توت استشهاد القديس بسورة الأسقف
استشهاد الأسقف  بيليوس و الأسقف نيليوس
21 سبتمبر
10 توت استشهاد القديسة مطرونة
استشهاد القديس يؤانس المصري و زملاؤه
استشهاد القديسة باسين و أولادها الثلاثة
22 سبتمبر
11 توت استشهاد القديس واسيلسدوس الوزير
استشهاد الفلاحين الثلاثة بإسنا (سوروس-انطوكيون-مشهوري)
23 سبتمبر
12 توت إستشهاد القديس بافنوتيوس المتوحد بالصعيد
24 سبتمبر
13 توت نياحه البابا متاوس الثاني البطريرك رقم تسعون

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Saint of the Week

Martyr Matrona of Thessalonica
The Holy Martyr Matrona of Thessalonica suffered in the third or fourth century. She was a slave of the Jewish woman Pautila (or Pantilla), wife of one of the military commanders of Thessalonica. Pautila constantly mocked her slave for her faith in Christ, and tried to convert her to Judaism. 

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سـيرة قـديـس هذا الأسبوع


القديسة الشهيدة مطرونة العذراء

ولدت من أبوين مسيحيين في تسالونيكي و كانت تخدم في بيت إمرأة يهودية كأمة، و كانت سيدتها تطلب منها ان تترك المسيحية و تعتنق اليهودية فكانت مطرونة ترفض.  

إقرأ المزيد 

العودة للمحتويات

Words with Meaning
By Fr Abram Abdelmalek
  • Cost of sin is death.
  • Cost of  parting is suffering & pain.
  • Cost of recklessness is regret.
  • Cost of being nervous is losing friends & health.
  • Cost of laziness is failure or being unsuccessful.
  • Price of bad habits is sickness.

كلمات ذات معني

للقس إبرام عبد الملك

  • ثمن الخطية موت.
  • ثمن الفراق اللوعة و الألم.
  • ثمن التهورالندم.
  • ثمن العصبية فقدان الأصدقاء و الصحة.
  •  ثمن الكسل الفشل.
  • ثمن العادات السيئة المرض.
تعزية للكنيسة الإنجيلية 

تتقدم الكنيسة بخالص التغزية للكنيسة الإنجيلية في وفاة القس منيس عبد النور- راعى كنبسة قصر الدوبارة


Liberal leadership: Malcolm Turnbull defeats Tony Abbott to become PM

Malcolm Turnbull has been elected as the nation's 29th Prime Minister, after launching an all-or-nothing leadership challenge on Monday afternoon in which he quit the front bench, declared Tony Abbott had failed as leader, and told colleagues that sticking with him would only make Bill Shorten the next prime minister of Australia.

Read More

The Editor

We ask the new Prime Minister to acknowledge our stance regarding marriage and Islam. We will not appreciate any playing around with marriage  definition and we are not going to let through all possible legal and political ways the Sharia Law be applied in Australia.

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2015 Canning by-election


Perth South-east suburbs and Mandurah

Liberal held. Margin/swing to lose - 11.8%

Polling day is Saturday 19 September. A total of 112,809 voters are on the roll and able to vote at the by-election and 12 candidates have nominated for the contest (see below). For details of when and where to vote, visit the 
Australian Electoral Commission's Canning By-election website.


Read More

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 ACL urges Turnbull to honour post-election marriage vote decision

The Australian Christian Lobby has urged Prime Minister-designate Malcolm Turnbull to retain the Coalition’s decision to hold a people’s vote on marriage after the next federal election.

Read More

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 Letter to the Premier regarding refugees


Fr. Abram has signed a letter to the premier regarding refugees where the purpose of this letter is to signal that the churches are ready to make the combined resources of the Christian community available to ensure that refugees are welcomed to our State and assisted towards integration in their new homeland.

Below is the response 
from Richard May, Executive Director of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet regarding Syrian Refugees.

Read More

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Raymond Ibrahim: Muslim Soldiers Killing Christian Soldiers in Egypt

On Sunday, August 23, a Coptic Christian soldier was killed in his army unit in Egypt. Baha Saeed Karam, 22, was found shot dead with four bullet wounds at the headquarters of his battalion in Marsa Matruh.  Although transferred to a hospital in Alexandria, he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Read More
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ISIS abducts 12 Egyptians in Libya

The Islamic State in Libya has abducted 12 more Egyptians. They were reportedly laborers preparing to return back to Egypt.
According to RT Arabic, the Egyptians were abducted in Sirte, late in the evening of Sunday, September 13.
Coptic Christians are among those kidnapped.
The Egyptian ministry has not issued a statement either confirming or denying the news.
Last February, the Islamic State in Libya abducted and slaughtered on video 21 Coptic Christians. Earlier, eyewitnesses had said that, after abducting a number of Egyptians, they released the Muslims while reserving the Christians for slaughter.

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Help get us out of here   
Read More

Ethiopia: Young Christians arrested for evangelism while church leaders imprisoned for complaining about persecution   
Read More

Police and Hindu radicals insult and attack Christians visiting elderly believer in India 
Read More

Masked gunmen hunt Christians in Burkina Faso 
Read More

Relief for freed pastors home in South Sudan and hope for Khartoum church  
Read More

Gulf states refuse to open doors to Syrian Muslim refugees   
Read More

Your donations are sustaining Christian refugees- "Jordan Times" report   
Read More

Poles show up the world in rescue of Middle Eastern Christians   
Read More

Breakthrough as Barnabas Fund campaigns to rescue Christians from the Middle East
  Read More

Editorial: Islamic State militants issue dhimma contract for kidnapped Syrian Christians
Read More

Nepalese churches attacked after assembly rejects Hindu nation proposal
Read More

Pakistani Christian arrested on blasphemy accusation
Read More

Syrian Christians in Calais disappointed by UK's refusal to accept refugees already in Europe
Read More

Police in Laos arrest two believers for spreading Christianity
Read More

Cambodia orders Vietnamese Christian Montagnards to return home despite persecution
Read More

US House Representatives introduce resolution to call extermination of Middle East Christians "genocide"
Read More

Archbishop and Barnabas Fund call for government action - Sunday Telegraph
Read More

Migrants, refugees, Christianity - and a warped form of Islam - "The National" report
Read More

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OMI alert:Young People and the Arts Grants- applications now open

The Department of Culture and the Arts (DCA) Young People and the Arts program supports creative, skills and market development for arts workers and practitioners aged 26 years and under, as well as individuals, groups and organisations creating work with and/or for young people.

Grant categories include:
  • Development— supports the exploration of new ideas, development of new skills, creation of new work or a fresh interpretation of existing material
  • Distribution and marketing—supports the distribution or presentation of an existing WA arts activity, event or product with the aim of expanding markets and enhancing profiles, within WA, interstate and/or internationally
  • Young People and the Arts Fellowships—are intended to support an intensive period of creative development for outstanding young emerging artists or arts workers. A maximum of three $15,000 fellowships are awarded each year
  • Young People and the Arts International Scholarships—one $30,000 scholarship is offered annually to one outstanding young artist or arts worker aged 29 years or under to undertake specialist training unavailable elsewhere in Australia
  • YPA Quick Response—a contribution of up to $3000 is available to assist young artists, arts workers and organisations to respond to or capitalise on out-of-round opportunities.

For further information, including closing dates, program handbook, eligibility criteria and to apply for a grant, please visit Young People and the Arts

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OMI alert:Australia @ 2015- have your say survey

OMI is pleased to support the Australia@2015 public opinion survey.
You are invited to participate in the Australia@2015 survey - a first in Australian public opinion surveys.
This is the first time an Australian survey will be conducted in English as well as a broad range of community languages-nineteen in total.
Feedback from the Australia@2015 survey will help us understand the outlook of Australian-born and immigrants at this important time in our history – a time of rapid population growth, rising security concerns and questioning of the working of Australian democracy.
Australia@2015 seeks to explore your views on
fairness in Australian society
life satisfaction
the best – and the worst – aspects of Australian life
trust in fellow Australians and our institutions, such as police and schools
the media
neighbourhood life
cultural diversity
expectations for the future
Australia@2015 builds on eight years of Scanlon Foundation surveying and is led by Professor Andrew Markus of Monash University.
Past surveys have shown strong support for Australia’s multicultural society and pointed to areas for attention to build community and social cohesion.
This survey will provide knowledge for policy makers, opinion leaders, researchers, communities – and for you. 
We encourage you to put forward your views and look forward to hearing from you.
To join the national conversation please access the survey at

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OMI alert:Australian Tax Office- Videos in languages other than English

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has a range of free-to-view videos that help to explain tax and superannuation in languages other than English.

The videos available are:

• New to Australia—topics outline how the systems work; getting a Tax File Number; completing and lodging an individual tax return; tax and super for those starting a business

• Deductions—explain what you may be able to claim for some costs related to your job with easy explanations and examples

• SuperStream video series— explains how you can get ready for SuperStream, a new way to make super contributions electronically with linked data and payments.

You can access the videos on the 
ATO website in Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Thai, Korean, Turkish, Farsi, Russian, and Somali.
For more information about tax and super in up to 25 languages please access

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Visiting Priests

We were blessed by the presence of our beloved Father: Rev Fr. Arsanios Saleeb of St Mark Church, Preston, VIC. Blessed us with his service at the holy liturgy on Sun. 13th of September, May God bless his service.

Evaluation Meeting for St Mary's Celebration

Fr. Abram with church leader and event coordinators had meeting to evaluate St Mary's annual celebration on Sunday 13th of Sept.
They valued and appreciated the work that has been done by all participants, especially kitchen staff, security, admin and technical support team.
The venue was great and outstanding with minor shortfalls that will be attended to in the future.
The program was felt to be crowded and a recommendation to have two separate celebrations; one in August and the other in the end of January has been endorsed by all. The celebration in August will be a classic celebration that would include the play, dinner and some other activities while the one in end of January would include choirs and English skits.
Three problems that were discussed in the meeting and need better attention were Time Management, Nice Control and Dress Code.
These problems will be addressed as a community at all levels  and to be embeded in Sunday School and youth programs.
A theater Manager and hall security have been also recommended for better time management and noise control

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SI Meeting

Service Superintendents Meeting was held with Fr. Abram on Thursday 18th of Sept, where different topics have been discussed.

 Upcoming Events


1- High School Sleepover Nights  
The Church will organize 2 sleepover nights for High School Girls on 18th and boys on 19th of September.
For more details, please contact high school servants.

1- Family Conference from 25 ~ 28th September


Tutoring Programs

St Mark School

Saint Mary and Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church is proud to present to you the commencement of a tutoring program offered for students from Kindy to Year 12. Our tutoring program will provide assistance for the following subjects:
Math’s from Kindy-Year 12
English from Kindy-Year 9
Chemistry from Year 10-12
Human biology from Year 10-12
Physics from Year 10-12
Our tutoring program consists of tutors who are able to provide students with academic support. Tutoring lessons will be held at the church inside St. Demiana’s unit (venue maybe changed) every Saturday from 6-7pm. We would like to ask that the families of every student donate $5 every month, which will go towards stationary supplies for the students. If anyone is interested, there will be forms, which need to be filled out for each student in the family and handed to Mrs. Maggi Shihata along with the donation.

English for Adults 
In addition to our tutoring program for students from Kindy to Year 12, Mr. Peter Gellet has willingly volunteered to provide adults with English tutoring.
For more info, please contact 0432012836

MYOB Training
Mr. Michael Zacky has also offered to tutor anyone who would like assistance using the software program MYOB. 
For more info, please contact 0408867532


Database Update Campaign

Dear All Church Members,
Kindly note that the Church will have a campaign every week on Sunday after the holy liturgy to update the data and contacts for all church members.
Your cooperation will be much appreciated.


.New gift collection on display. please visit us

Sealing a deal that works in your favor.

5. Let the agent know if you can move quickly
“If you go to an agent or seller and say, ‘we can exchange a contract within two days’, then that’s always looked upon as good, because it means your offer is not subject to finance

6. Find out if there are any problems with the property
If the agent knows about any problems, he’s obliged to tell you. “Does it need restumping? Rewiring? If it does, and you are still interested, get a property report,
find out how much it will cost to repair these problems, and then knock the cost off the price.”

7. Test the water
Make an offer lower than the asking price to glean information from the response. “Not all sellers are greedy, and often they are happy to sell,”. “Everyone has different expectations. This way you will determine their bottom line.”

8. Use your manners
There’s no advantage is using dirty tactics or being annoying. “Always try to be professional and establish a good rapport with the agent. Agents like dealing with people they like.”

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