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Week # 20- 21- 22- 23- 24                                     26 June 2015

"ثم ان الرب بعدما كلمهم ارتفع الى السماء وجلس عن يمين الله. واما هم فخرجوا وكرزوا في كل مكان والرب يعمل معهم ويثبت الكلام بالايات التابعة. امين."  مر19:16-20
"So then after the Lord had spoken unto them, he was received up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God. And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen."
Mark 16:19-20


عـظـة روحية للقس أنطونيوس فهمى

Saint of the week

سيرة قديـس هذا الأسبوع

Words with Meanings

كلمات ذات معنى

Mother Church
MC 01 بدء فعاليات المؤتمر الكنسي لخدمة "أقباط المهجر" بالبحر الأحمر
MC 02 قرارات هامة للمجمع المقدس ... الخميس 28 مايو 2015 برئاسة الباب تواضروس الثاني
Ecumenical News
EN 01 Successful Meetings
EN 02 Council of Churches' Newsletter

Church & Politics

CP 01 Successful Meetings
CP 02 Ireland abandons its children
CP 03 Barnabas Persecution Update

CP 04 Think of the Child - Australian Marriage
CP 05 The Australian Family Association

Church & Community
CC 01 Glyde-In Visit
CC 02 Do you love languages or know someone who does?
CC 03 Community Languages Program Policy Framework consultation

Church News
CN 01 Church Constitution Approval
CN 02 Church Committee Meeting
CN 03 St Mary Outreach Service
CN 04 Visit of His Grace Bishop Suriel
CN 05 Visit of Bishop Danial 

CN 06 Visiting Priests
CN 07 Service Superintendents Meeting

CN 08 Upcoming Events
CN 09 Maintenance Works in Church
CN 10 Alpha Christian Shop

Real Estate and Housing
RE 01 Real Estate Corner


Coptic Social News
CSN 01 Congratulations on New Post
CSN 02 Congratulations on Engagement
CSN 03 Congratulations on your new arrival

CSN 04 Congratulations on your new arrival

Our Newsletter
NL 01 Gold lampstand

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Property Management Account
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Holy Liturgy
Every Sunday
08:30 - 11:30 PM

Every Saturday Evening
06:00 - 06:30 PM
Weekly Arabic Bible Study

Every Saturday Evening
06:30 - 08:00 PM

Midnight Praises
Every Saturday Evening
08:00 - 10:00 PM

Weekly Prayer Meeting
Every Wednesday Evening
06:30 - 07:30 PM

English Bible Study
Every Wednesday Evening as of 3rd week of February
07:30 - 08:30 PM

Discipleship Course
Starts on 3rd week of February. Details will follow.
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Skype Arabic Bible Study
Tuesday @ 08:00PM
Account: Masee7i

Voice of the Copts
Every Tuesday
1:00pm – 1:30pm EN
1:30pm – 2:30pm AR

Are you interested in joining the panel of the interim consultants affiliated to the church executive committee – 2015?

The Executive Committee in its last meeting decided to invite any candidate who is interested in serving as a consultant to the Executive Committee till the forthcoming official elections. The anticipated elections is going to be sometime next year after the approval of the amended constitution.
Your role will be to give a professional advice to the committee and execute the instructions of it. You will attend certain committee meetings upon request by it. Everyone, including current consultants, are invited to fill an application form. The form is available here or in the Church. For any queries, please contact Fr. Abram Abdelmalek

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St Steven's Hymns and Rituals Meeting

Every Saturday 5:30 PM        
To get updated, join viber (Deacons-St Mary &
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Servants Meeting

Every Sunday
1:30 - 2:30 PM

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Every Friday Night
7:30 - 9:00 PM

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Confession Table

This week TBA
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Ground Cleaning Table

This week TBA
Next week TBA

Cleaning Roster

This week   TBA

Next week  TBA

Kitchen Roster

This week   TBA
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CCCP  “Coptic Communication Channel in PERTH”
It is a Viber group to communicate through. Dr. Eihab Bolous & Ms. Emmy Attia are the admin of the group. If you are a member in the group you are able to add others.

حينما أنا ضعيف حينئذ أنا قوى
عظة روحية للقس أنطونيوس فهمي

بسم الآب والإبن والروح القدس الإله الواحد آمين . فلتحل علينا نعمته وبركته من الآن وكل أوان والى دهر الدهور كلها آمين 

آية جميلة فى سفر يوئيل تقول " ليقل الضعيف بطل أنا " .... كثيراً ما نرى أنفسنا ضعفاء قليلين , خطاه مجهولين، ولا نساوى شئ، بل ونجذب أنفسنا لأسفل ... هذا الإحساس يُفرِح عدو الخير جداً، لأن الإنسان عندما يشعر أنه لا شئ يبدأ فى السقوط فى الخطايا، فهو فى رأى نفسه بلا قيمة وليس بغالى، ولذلك لا فرق عنده إن سقط أو إن لم يسقط، لكن عندما يشعر أنه غالى وذو قيمة يحترس لنفسه من السقوط 

* ليقل الضعيف بطل أنا ... هل هذا الشعور يجلب كبرياء ؟ ... لا ... فهناك فرق بين إحساس الإتضاع المصحوب بالقوة، والكبرياء المصحوب بالقوة ... متى يشعر الإنسان أنه قوى وغيرمتكبر ؟ عندما يشعر أن القوة من الله لا منه، هذا إنسان غير متكبر، إنسان لسان حاله يقول " معونتى من عند الرب " .. " إن قام على جيش فلن يخاف قلبى .. ففى هذا أنا مطمئن " .. كيف يقول هذا عن نفسه ويكون متكبر؟ لا .. هو واثق أن إلهه يعطيه هذه القوة وليست من ذاته .. لذلك قال داود النبى " بإلهى تسورت أسواراً " ويقول بولس الرسول " أستطيع كل شئ فى المسيح الذى يقوينى " نحن نشعر بالقوة عندما يكون معنا الله وفينا وبه نحيا ونتحرك ونوجد , لذلك أنا قوى بالله .. لكن عندما ينظر الإنسان لنفسه يضعف، ولما ينظر للمسيح يتقوى ويفرح، لذلك قال بولس الرسول " حينما أنا ضعيف حينئذ أنا قوى " لأنى عندما أشعر أنى ضعيف لكن المسيح معى عندئذ أشعر بقوة كبيرة معى .... متى يشعر الإنسان بصغر النفس؟ لماذا يشعر بالضعف؟ ... متى أشعر أنى ضعيف وفى نفس الوقت لا أشعر بصغر نفس؟ .. وما هو صغر النفس؟

اقرأ المزيد

Spiritual Talk

Meditation – a perspective on suffering

A Challenge for daily living

By Dr. Lachlan Dunjey

Pain, grief, rejection, failure – to some extent for all of us at some time. You have no suffering at the present time? Be thankful and give glory to God.

Suffering for the victorious Christian? Well, yes, it seems that it is an inevitable part of our refinement, to be conformed to His Image, and we are to identify with the sufferings of Jesus in order to participate in His glory.

It is in keeping with loving our neighbour that we also share in compassion with his sufferings, so yes, at the very least we are to remember the suffering church and be “in spirit” with those who suffer.

The suffering church has been with us always but it is now more obvious. Communist persecution in North Korea was kept as quiet as possible but Islamic persecutors deliberately use media to instil terror to the “Nations of the Cross”. We see and hear the final declarations of those about to be beheaded as they declare Jesus Christ as Lord. 

Saint of the Week

Saint Helena, The Empress

Helena the Empress was born in the city of Raha (Edessa) for Christian parents about the year 247 A.D. They brought her up in a Christian manner, taught her the doctrine of the church and the religious ethics. She was very beautiful. When Emperor Constantius the First, Emperor of Byzantium, came to the city of Raha, and heard about this Saint, he sought her out and married her. She gave birth to Constantine who became the first Christian Emperor. She raised him up well, and taught him philosophy, wisdom and knighthood

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سـيرة قـديـس هذا الأسبوع

القديسة هيلانة الملكة 

وُلدت القديسة هيلانة (حوالي 250-327 م) بمدينة الرُها من أبوين مسيحيين نحو سنة 247 م.، فربّياها تربية مسيحية وأدّباها بالآداب الدينية. وكانت حسنة الصورة جميلة النفس، واتفق لقُنسطنس ملك بيزنطية أن نزل بمدينة الرُها وسمع بخبر هذه القديسة وجمال منظرها، فطلبها وتزوجها حوالي عام 270 م. فرزقت منه بقسطنطين فربّته أحسن تربية وعلّمته الحكمة والآداب.
وفي عام 293 م. التزم قُنسطنس بأن يطلقها لكي يرتبط بقرابة مع الإمبراطور الأكبر في الغرب أوغسطس مكسيميان، بزواجه من ابنة له من زواج سابق تُدعى ثيؤدورا.

إقرأ المزيد 

العودة للمحتويات

Words with Meaning
By Fr Abram Abdelmalek
  • Statue of  Liberty doesn't express freedom, as it doesn't think nor move.
  • The inner freedom is creative, while the outside one could be destructive - atheist - rebellious and even heretical.
  • To protect others' freedom, you have to give up some of your personal freedom,
  • The difference between freedom and carelessness is that the first is legal while the second is animalistic.
  • Freedom creates civilization, and civilization creates freedom.
  • People could understand freedom regulations in controversial ways, same is the umbilical cord with which the baby is born people can  see it as something limiting his freedom, while in fact it is the lifeblood.
  • The one  who screams saying "I am free to do what I want" has to reconsider it again.
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كلمات ذات معني

للقس إبرام عبد الملك

  • تمثال الحرية لا يعبر عنها، فهو لا يفكر ولا يتحرك.
  • الحرية الداخلية مبدعة، أما الخارجية فقد تكون مدمرة – ملحدة – متمردة – ومبتدعة.
  • لكي تحمي حريات الآخرين، يجب أن تتنازل عن بعض من حريتك الشخصية.
  • الفرق بين الحرية وحالة التسيب، هو أن الأولى قانونية أما الثانية فبهيمية.
  • الحرية تخلق التحضر، والتحضر يخلق الحرية.
  •  قد يفهم الناس ضوابط الحريات بطرق متباينة، فالحبل السري الذي يولد به الطفل قد يراه البعض تقييدا لحريته، بينما هو في واقع الأمر شريان الحياة.
  •  من يصرخ بعصبية ويقول "أنا حر" عليه أن يراجع نفسه.
بدء فعاليات المؤتمر الكنسي لخدمة «أقباط المهجر» بالبحر الأحمر

افتتح بابا الإسكندرية وبطريرك الكرازة المرقسية، البابا تواضروس الثاني، اليوم الأربعاء، المؤتمر الكنسي الأول لخدمة المهجر، والذي يقام بفندق دير الأنبا بولا بمنطقة الزعفرانة شمال محافظة البحر الأحمر، والذي يستمر لمدة 4أيام، بحضور أساقفة وكهنة المهجر.

يناقش المؤتمر، وضع خطة الكنيسة لخدمة أقباط المهجر، لمدة الربع قرن المقبل، والذي يبدأ من 2015 وحتى 2040.

وكلّف البابا تواضروس سكرتارية المجمع المقدس، وعلى رأسهم الأنبا رافائيل، سكرتير المجمع، وأسقف عام كنائس وسط القاهرة، بالتعاون مع لجنة شؤون المهجر بالمجمع، التي يرأسها الأنبا سرابيون أسقف لوس أنجلوس بأمريكا، والأنبا لوكاس النائب البابوي بأمريكا، والأنبا كيرلس النائب البابوي لكنائس أوروبا.

اقرأ المزيد

قرارت هامة للمجمع المقدس.. الخميس 28 مايو 2015 برئاسة البابا تواضروس الثاني

قرارات وتوصيات هامة للمجمع المقدس
نشرت الصفحة الرسمية للمتحدث الرسمي باسم الكنيسة القبطية الأرذوكسية بعض قرارات المجمع المقدس بالكنيسة القبطية الأرثوذكسية.
هذا وقد اتخذت عدة قرارات تنظيمية أغلبها يخص الرهبنة ، فيما جاءت التوصيات في سياق الدور النوعي للجان الفرعية ، وقد جاء نص القرارات والتوصيات كما يلي:

اقرأ المزيد


 Successful Meetings

Fr. Abram Abdelmalek had successful Meetings with
  • Pastor Youssef Michael- from Arabic Apostolic Church
  • Fr. Tsagai, Fr. Asofa & Fr. Robel from the Ethiopian Church;
  • The Eritrean community, committee and deacons to discuss different issues.

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Newsletter 20 May 2015

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 Meeting with Mr Speaker

Honourable Michael Sutherland - Speaker of the Legislative Assembly - invited
 Rev. Father Abram Abdelmalek for a meeting in the Parliament House, where they discussed ways of deepening the cooperation with the church.

Peter Gilet meets with Fr. Abram

Also Fr. Abram had a meeting with Dr. Peter Gilet where he discussed the cooperation methods with the church n serving the community

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Ireland abandons its children

Ireland has written a social suicide note and we grieve for her. But we will not follow her.

More than half the Irish have voted for homosexual marriage, seduced by celebrities to violate something they once held sacred: the life between mother, father and child.

From today, the Irish Constitution assumes a mother does not matter to a baby, and a father is irrelevant to his son. That is madness.

A constitutional right to same-sex marriage means a constitutional right to same-sex adoption and surrogacy, and that means motherless and fatherless families are now enshrined as an ideal in the Irish Constitution.
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Indian village leader says four Christian families "outcasts" for following Christ
Read More

Iranian Appeals Court upholds Pastor Fathi's additional sentence
Read More

Boko Haram wage violence in north-eastern Nigeria after presidential inauguration
Read More

"The Shepherd cannot leave his sheep" Says Iraqi Christian leader determined to stay despite Islamic State proximity
Read More

Dozens of schools close in northern Kenya with Christian teachers fearful of al-shabaab attacks
Read More

British convert from Islam endures decades of persecution by local Muslim community 
Read More

South Sudanese pastors facing death sentence in Sudan moved to high security prison 
Read More

"The night is  very dark": Farewell letter by a Pakistani Christian hanged on 10 June for a crime he did not commit 
Read More

Islamic State announce seized Mosul cathedral to be named "the mosque of the  mujahedeen"
Read More

Islamic State militants abduct 100 Eritrean Christian refugees in Libya and Sudan
Read More

Bid to reduce false accusations of blasphemy in Pakistan
Read More

One year since Mosul fell  to Islamic State militants and forced Christians to flee
Read More

Syria/ Iraq- safe havens for Christians rapidly diminish in Iraq and Syria
Read More

India- Hindu extremist force Indian Church pastor to Hindu Temple on Easter Sunday
Read More

South Sudan/Sudan - South Sudanese pastors face death sentences for encouraging Sudan Church
Read More

Uzbekistan- Uzbek Christian jailed and fined for distributing a Christian leaflet
Read More

Libya- Christian migrants and refugees in Libya at serious risk
Read More

Tanzania- Tanzanian pastor attacked at home as tensions rise over Islamic courts bills
Read More

Operation Safe Havens: Rescuing Christians in Danger

The Christians are now in deadly danger. They compare the rise of the Islamic State group (IS) with the invasion of the Mongol hordes many centuries ago. The Mongols completely destroyed the Church in much of their territory, and IS seems intent on doing the same. A Christian presence and witness 2,000 years old is disappearing before our eyes.

Read More

Operation Safe Havens: Evacuating Syrian Christians in danger

In the summer of 1683 the Ottoman army was besieging Vienna, and Christian Europe trembled in fear of a Muslim invasion and take-over. But the Polish army, led by their King John III Sobieski, joined with the forces of the Holy Roman Empire to defeat the Ottomans in battle on 11 September. 

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In response to newspaper ads placed by the gay marriage lobby group Australian Marriage Equality last weekend, where 153 companies declare their support for “marriage equality”, the president of the Australian Marriage Forum, Dr David van Gend, is writing this week to all 153 CEOs and company Boards.
Read More

Read More

LETTER TO THE PM BY RELIGIOUS LEADERS - Evangelical, Catholic, Orthodox, Islamic
Read More

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Adult children of same-sex couples are saying they oppose to same-sex marriage because, from their earliest childhood, they mourned the absence of a father or mother. 

Read First Story
Read Second Story

Thanks to the thousands of supporters that responded last week many MPs are aware of the groundswell of support for traditional marriage. We also received some donations which helped cover the cost of producing the 'Businesses are being fined" brochure.
Read More

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Glyde-In Visit

We are preparing to have a visit on Tue.30th of June from Glyde-In Community Learning Centre, which is a learning centre with around 700 members (mainly active and energetic retirees) and they run an occasional series named  "Ways of Worship" through which they would like to get introduced to the Coptic Church's history, origins, rituals & beliefs.


Do you love languages or know someone who does?

'Love of Language’ is looking for Language Ambassadors who are passionate about languages.
If you speak more than one language, or are learning another and enjoying the skills and opportunities this gives you, you may the perfect person for the ambassador role!
Love of Language is a Community Languages Australia initiative that is calling for ambassadors to share their experiences of speaking or learning other languages.

Do I need to speak another language?
Some Language Ambassadors speak two or more languages, while others only speak English but recognise the importance of learning languages.
What they have in common is the desire to inspire and encourage others to maintain, expand or strengthen their language skills.

What will I have to do? 
To start your application, you’ll need to submit a short testimonial and a brief bio to
If your application is successful, you’ll be asked to share your passion and experiences with a range of people—students, parents, principals and school councils. You might also be asked to speak publically with people in schools, sport, business, the arts and other spheres.
How do I get involved? 
Find out more about Love of Language at

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OMI alert
Community Languages Program Policy Framework consultation

Community Languages Policy and Program Implementation Framework is now open for public consultation.

The framework covers the following programs:
policy framework
professional learning component
process for applying for grants
governance structure and administrative arrangements.
The consultation is open until5.00pm Thursday 2 July 2015.

The Community Languages Program – Draft policy and implementation framework is available here 

Please forward feedback or:
Community Languages Program Policy Framework feedback
Office of Multicultural Interests
GPO Box R1250
Perth WA 6844

If you have any questions please or telephone 6552 1653.
Church Constitution Approval

Church Members have approved the amendments on the current church's constitution in the general meeting on 24th of May.

Also The amendments have been approved from the Department of Commerce. 

The amended constitution is in effect as of 03 June 2015.

You can read the amended constitution on this link

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Church Committee Meeting

A Church Committee will hold meetings to discuss the special preparations for the coming committee elections and after every step during the period leading to the elections.
St Mary Outreach Service

We thank Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ for the beautiful outreach ministry, blessed under the providential motherly care of St Mary, in searching out and serving the needs of the most disadvantaged in our society in WA and abroad.
The aim of the service is to bring the light and hope of Jesus to the homeless, elderly, sick, children, immigrants and captives through providing charitable assistance.
St Mary's Outreach Service has flourished since its humble beginnings, with a talented and growing dedicated team in bringing a smile to others, under the guidance and support of Fr. Abram and through your prayers and vital contribution as a whole church.


In the field we are humbled to announce that by God's grace we have secured two nursing homes to visit the elderly once a month located in Dianella and the other in South Perth.


"Back to School Program" where a package filled with good things is provided to School children returning from school holidays. These packages include the essentials of non-perishable items such muesli bars, juice, stationary and exercise books.


It is aimed that the hearts of the ill children are warmed through laughter provided by St Mary's Outreach Volunteers.


Thanks be to God the Church has been able to settle with accommodation about 4 individuals and families. As one body in Christ we look towards catering for each other's needs. 


Thanks be to God, we are purchasing two "containers" to provide a hot drink this cold winter to the homeless on the streets, along with clothes and blankets.

Should you wish to take the blessings in the service by being a volunteer, donating in kind or by monetary gift, please contact Fr. Abram, Ashraf Kaddis or Matthew Ghobrial through St Mary's & Archangel Michael's Coptic Orthodox Church.

 Visit of His Grace Bishop Suriel



We were blessed to have His Grace Bishop  Suriel  visiting Perth from 19th ~ 21st of July 2015. His Grace is promoting to the studies in the Coptic Orthodox Theological College. It was a good chance for all servants to take blessings and spend a spiritual day with His Grace. Joining the visit was Fr. Abanoub Attala & Dr. Amir Malek.

 Visit of Bishop Danial


We were blessed to have Bishop Danial of St. Shenouda Monastery, visiting Perth for  the period from 4th till 7th of June 2015.
His Grace prayed the holy liturgy at St. Mary Church on Sun. 7th of June 2015. May God bless his service.


 Visiting Priests

We were blessed by the presence of our beloved Fathers:

Rev Fr. Shenouda Boutros of St Bishoy & St Shenouda Church, Bulleen, VIC.  blessed us with his service on Sun. 17th of May.

Rev Fr. 
Athanasius Attia of St Mina & St Marina Church, Hallam, VIC. blessed us with his service on Sun. 24th of May.

Rev Fr. 
Daniel Ghabrial of St Anthony & Archangel Michael Church Church in Oakleigh, VICblessed us with his service on Sun. 31st of May.

Rev Fr. Samuel Elias of St Mark Church, Preston, VIC. blessed us with his service on Sun. 14th of June.

 Service Superintendents Meeting

The  Service Superintendents meeting was held on Sun. 14th of June 2015, where the following points were discussed:
  • Service Database.
  • Confirmation of rituals spiritual day.
  • Winter vacation preparations.
  • St Mary celebration preparations.

 Upcoming Events


1- St. Mary Celebration on 29th of August and the play of "7ekayet beet" 
2- Hymns & Rituals Retreat on 10th & 11th of July
3- Parents/ Children/ Servants meeting on 19th of July

 Maintenance Works in Church                    

* Finalizing flooring and landscaping of the church
* Preparation of St Marina building  for Sunday school and other services
.New gift collection on display. please visit us

I believe that the dividing fence is fine and can simply be repaired in a few places and maybe realigned and straightened up a bit. My neighbour does not agree and told me they want a new one. Do I have to pay half for a new fence just because they want it?

No, you would not have to pay for a new fence unless you agree to this or your neighbour takes you to court and is successful in obtaining an order for you to contribute to a new fence. In such a dispute, it would be necessary for the owner taking the legal action to prove that the fence is in need of replacement and cannot or should not be repaired. That owner would generally seek to support such a case to the court with photographs of the existing dividing fence and a report or testimony from expert witnesses or building practitioners.

My neighbour’s trees are pushing against the fence and have damaged it. I have asked that they cut the trees down or at least cut them back and repair the fence at their cost. They advised that as far as they are concerned the trees stay and that they will only pay half the cost of the repair. What are my rights?

You would be required under the Act to contribute to half the cost of the repairs to the fence. If you refuse to pay your neighbour may seek a court order.
For more information on tree nuisance, such as tree roots and
overhanging branches visit / Information About the Law.


Congratulations on New Post

Dahlia Messiha is ACL’s new State Director for Western Australia.
Dahlia also recently
 completed the Lachlan Macquarie Internship, a 14-week intensive worldview training internship based just outside of Canberra.

Congratulations and wishing you all the best in your future.

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We would like to congratulate Marry-Ann Boulos & Anthony Gobrial.

May God bless their upcoming life together.


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We would like to congratulate Hany & Sally Sorial for the arrival of their daughter Verena. May God bless her life.

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We would like to congratulate Amanawiel & Nina Atiya for the arrival of their daughter Evangeline Maria. May God bless her life.

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