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Week # 38,39,40             07 October 2016

" وَأَنَا، يَقُولُ الرَّبُّ، أَكُونُ لَهَا سُورَ نَارٍ مِنْ حَوْلِهَا، وَأَكُونُ مَجْدًا فِي وَسَطِهَا"        (زك 2: 5)     
" For I , 'says the Lord', wiil be a wall of fire all around her,
and I will be the glory in the midst" (Ze 2 :5 )



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العظة الاسبوعية 

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Holy Liturgy
Every Wednesday
09:00 - 11:00 AM

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08:00 - 10:30 AM

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08:30 - 11:30 AM

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Weekly Bible Study Arabic & English
Every Saturday Evening
06:30 - 07:30 PM

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Every Saturday Evening
08:00 - 10:00 PM
Discipleship Course
Every Tuesday Evening 
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Update on Anba Moussa Public Meeting

It will be Christian Arabic Churches meeting
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Servants Meeting

Every Sunday
1:30 - 2:30 PM

Talk: Fr. David 

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Disciples of Christ Doc. (ST YOUSTINA & ST KEBRIANOS)

Every Friday Night
07:00 - 08:30 PM

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St Mary & Archangel Michael Rituals & Hymns School

Every Saturday at 11:00 AM till 1:00 PM after the Holy Liturgy.
There will be two classes:
- Coptic class: 11:00 - 11:40 AM
- Hymns class: 11:50 - 12:30 PM
Then free time for activities: 12:30 - 01:00 PM. 
Applications are out now please fill in the forms and deliver it to Fr. David Kamel.
Come along and encourage others families to Enroll their kids in this wonderful service.

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St Demiana Ladies Meeting

Every Tuesday at 7:30 PM,
St Demiana Ladies Meeting takes place at St Mary and Archangel Michael Church. Come along and encourage others to come.

Talk: Nina Attia
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1. Introduction to the Coptic Orthodox Church Course

In this course, you will lean about some of the Coptic Orthodox Church History, Rituals, Dogmas, Theology and Spiritually. The course extends also to cover some aspects of comparative theology and religion. It touches upon some key factors of Christian Marriage as well. This course will commence on Wednesday the 10th August for two hours a week and will be up to three months.

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2. Marriage Preparation Course

In this course, you will learn about, Foster respect, affection and closeness, Build and share a deeper connection with each other’s inner world, Keep conflict discussion calm, Strengthen and maintain the gains in relationship.
The course is conducted twice a year on the first Wednesday of May and November of every year. 

Confession Table

This week: Year 05
Next week: Year 06


Ground Cleaning Table

This week TBA
Next week TBA


Cleaning Roster

This week   TBA

Next week  TBA


Kitchen Roster

This week   TBA
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Voice of the Copts
Every Tuesday
1:00pm – 1:30pm EN
1:30pm – 2:30pm AR

Skype Arabic Bible Study
Thursday from 7:00 till 08:30 PM
Account: Masee7i

CCCP  “Coptic Communication Channel in PERTH”
This VIBER group does not represent the Church in any way or mean and the posts on this group represent the personal views of respective persons.

Church Bus Service

If interested in the Church bus service for the families who attend St Mary & Archangel Michael Church from the Northern Suburbs on Saturdays and Sundays, please contact Deacon Mina Shakir  0401 544 111. 

Visit our Youtube Channel

WA Coptic TV. Channel "WACTV"

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العظة الأسبوعية 

الأنبا رافائيل

الكنيسة ضمير العالم  


Spiritual Talk
   The spirit of wisdom and understanding

 His Grace Bishop Suriel

       Bishop of Melbourne and affiliated regions
To listen to the Talk press the image

من أقوال الأباء 

اسند صغيرى النفوس ، كي تسندك اليمين التي تحمل الكل "

الشيخ الروحانى

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قصة أعجبتني

أجمل البيوت وأغناها

كان الصبي موسى يساعد والده في زراعة الأرض والاهتمام بالماشية، وكان جادًا ومخلصًا في عمله. وإذ ينتهي من عمله اليومي يأكل مع والده ووالدته وإخوته، ويخرج قُبيل الغروب ليقف بجوار بيته القائم على تل مرتفع، كان يرفع عينيه ليتأمل بيتًا آخر على قمة بعيدة جدًا،وقد ظهرت نوافذه الذهبية مرصّعة بلآلئ لها بريق بهي للغاية.
كان موسى يرفع عينيه ويصرخ إلى اللَه قائلاً: "إلهي، لماذا لم تسمح لي أن أُولد في بيت غني؟ لماذا بيتنا فقير للغاية، وذاك البيت نوافذه ذهبية مرصّعة باللآلئ؟!  كيف يعيش الصبيان وسط هذا الغِنى العجيب؟"
كانت الدموع تتسلل من عيني موسى مشتهيًا بيتًا كذاك الذي على التل البعيد. وكان يدخل موسى بيته بعد أن يجفف دموعه ويتظاهر بالبهجة.

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بعض تذكارات القديسين                       Commemoration    


الاحد 09 أكتوبر - 
29 توت
09 Oct.
The Martyrdom of St. Arbsima the Virgin and Her Sisters the Virgins
تذكار الاعياد السيديه الكبرى: عيد البشاره وعيد الميلاد وعيد القيامه
 اسشهاد القديسه اربسيما العذراء ومن معها
 استشهاد القديسة فبرونيا

The Commemoration of the Miracle that God Performed for St. Athanasius the Apostolic
تذكار المعجزه التي صنعها الرب مع القديس آثناسيوس الرسولى

Tue The Martyrdom of Saint Anastasia
إستشهاد القديسة أنسطاسيا الرومية سنة 250 م

Wed The Coming of Saint Severus, Patriarch of Antioch, to Egypt
تذكار مجئ البابا ساويرس الأنطاكي إلى مصر

Thu The Departure of St. Simon II, 51st Pope of the See of St. Mark
 The Martyrdom of St. John the Soldier
نياحة البابا سيمون الثاني البطريرك الحادي والخمسون
 استشهاد القديس يوحنا الجندى
 نياحه القديسه ثاؤدورا الملكه
 أستشهاد القديس اورسوس والقديس بقطر من الفرقة الطيبية

Fri The Martyrdom of St. Bacchus, the Friend of St. Sergius
استشهاد القديس واخس رفيق القديس سارجيوس

The Martyrdom of St. Paul, Patriarch of Constantinople
آستشهاد القديس بولس بطريرك القسطنطينيه

العودة للمحتويات

Saint of the Week

The Martyrdom of Saint Anastasia

On this day, St. Anastasia was martyred. This fighter was a native of Rome, and the daughter of Christian parents. They raised her well and taught her the Christian manners. When she grew up, her parents wanted her to get married, but she did not agree with them for she had forsaken the vanities of the world and its lusts.
She instead chose to lead a spiritual life and longed for the heavenly glories since her young age. She entered one of the convents of the virgins in Rome and put on the monastic garb. She subdued her body with devoutness and asceticism. She did not eat except once every two days. During the holy Lent she ate only on Saturdays and Sundays after the prayer of the sixth hour of the day. Her food during all the days of her monastic life was dry bread and salt.

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قديس هذا الأسبوع

أستشهاد القديسة أنساطسية من أهل رومية

في مثل هذا اليوم استشهدت القديسة أنسطاسية. وكانت هذه المجاهدة من أهل رومية، ابنة لأبوين مسيحيين، قد ربياها أحسن تربية وأدباها بالآداب المسيحية. فلما شبت وأراد والداها تزويجها لم توافق لأنها زهدت أباطيل العالم وشهواته واختارت السيرة الروحانية واشتاقت إلى الأمجاد السماوية من صغرها. فدخلت بعض أديرة العذارى التى في رومية. وتوشحت بالزي الرهباني. وأضنت جسدها بالنسك والتقشف. وكانت لا تتناول طعاما إلا مرة كل يومين. وفي الأربعين المقدسة لم تكن تفطر إلا يومي السبت والأحد بعد صلاة الساعة السادسة من النهار، وكان غذاؤها كل أيام رهبنتها الخبز الجاف والملح.


العودة للمحتويات

Words with Meaning
By Fr Abram Abdelmalek
  • If you feel a ‘spiritual coldness’, ‘shrink’ into your inner room.
  • Hot tears melt the ‘spiritual freezing’.
  • God is not concerned with success as much as He is concerned with righteousness.
  • Don’t rejoice at your praises but rejoice in Jesus.
  • The Lord said “I am the door” (John 10:9), so if you will to serve the Door, you have to accept the role of a doormat without nagging.
  • If water leaks into your soul, drain it out with tears
  • If you want to lead people to Christ, you should be transparent so people can see Him through you.

كلمات ذات معني

للقس إبرام عبد الملك

  • إذا جاءت عليك "برودةروحية، "فانكمشداخل مخدعك.
  • الدموع "الساخنةتذيب "التجمدالروحي.
  • الله لا يهمه النجاح بقدر ما يهمه الصلاح.
  • لا تفرح بالتسبيح، بل افرح بالمسيح.
  • قال السيد له المجد "أنا هو الباب" يو 10:9 فإذا أردت أن تخدم الباب،  عليك أن تصير ممشاة للأقدام بلا تذمر.
  • إذا دخلت المياه إلى نفسك، فأخرجها بذرف الدموع.
  • إذا أردت أن تقف بين السيد المسيح والناس، وجب عليك أن تكون شفافاً حتى يستطيع الناس أن يروا السيد المسيح من خلالك.

Church of the Week


St Mary & St Mena Church
Cranston, RI


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Newsletter 21 September 2016

Newsletter 5 October 2016

Other Ecumenical News in our special edition

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Egypt – New church building law approved and 70% of churches destroyed in August 2013 rebuilt
Read More

Sudan – Trial underway of four Christians who could face death penalty

Read More

Gifts of Love for the Persecuted Church
Read More

Barnabas Fund rescues 693 Christians from danger but many more to follow: your help is needed
Read More

Operation Safe Havens - Christian Syrian and Iraqi Refugees still need help
Read More

Over 200 reported killed by Islamic militants in Central African Republic – "the horrors taking place are indescribable"
Read More

Christian politician stabbed to death in India; Christians injured & Bibles destroyed during attack on Gideons International stall
Read More

Four Egyptian Christians kidnapped but safely returned after ransom demand met
Read More

For more News on Presecuted Christians, visit
For Barnabas Prayer Focus, visit Prayer Focus

Confluence Festival of India in Australia

The Confluence Festival of India in Australia arrives in Perth this week bringing a wealth of world class Indian performers.
The festival includes dance, music, puppetry and art work and runs until 2 November 2016.
For more information visit the Confluence Festivalwebsite.


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Expanding career options for women—scholarships program  

Scholarships of up to $3000 are available for women who are planning to take up training in non-traditional industries. 

More information is available here.

Applications close by 11.59pm (WST) on Monday 31 October 2016.

WA Community Citizen of the Year Awards

Every community has local heroes. The Australia Day WA, Citizen of the Year Awards is your opportunity to acknowledge those making an outstanding contribution to your local community.

For information, please access the Citizenship Awardswebsite.

2017 PIAF Young Creatives program

Emerging practitioners from diverse backgrounds are invited to participate in the 2017 PIAF Young Creatives program.
This is an opportunity for people who possess a demonstrable interest in curation, visual arts, design, performance, dance, writing, reviewing or production and are seeking to explore a career in the arts.
More information, including the application form can be accessed here.
Applications close Friday 14 October 2016. 

Introduction of a new temporary parent visa

The Australian public is invited to provide their views on the development of a new visa for parents of Australians.
Please access Discussion paper: Introducing a temporary visa for parents​ for
more information.
The closing date for written submissions is midnight,Monday 31 October 2016.

Expression of Interest—Peer Assessor

The Australia Council delivers funding every year to organisations and artists across the country.

Funding applications are assessed by people with expertise or knowledge in the arts sector who are able to determine the merit of artistic proposal.

To help judge the merits of grant applications, the council is seeking arts industry professionals to join peer assessment panels.
You are invited to register to be a Peer Assessor and join your peers in supporting Australia’s great arts and artists.
For more information visit the Australia Council website.

 Primary School Choir

As of next Saturday 15 October 2016, the church will start a regular primary school choir practice and rehearsal. The sessions will start exactly after St Mary & Archangel Michael Hymns and Ritual School in the morning.
We anticipate that this choir will perform on new year's eve and Sunday School January Celebration.
If you are interested to make your child join in this heavenly service, please contact Sandy Kaplenian or Marian Bekhiet

 Ladies Day Out

St Demiana's ladies group have spent great time having lunch together



Arabic Speaking Churches Gathering

The Arabic Speaking Christian Churches in Perth are  gathering again.
The meeting will take place on Saturday the 8th of October at Perth Arabic Christian Church "PACC", Among the Leaders of Churches that will take part in this gathering, Fr. Abram Abdelmalek & Fr. David Kamel from St Mary & Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church, Fr. Elias Kilzi from The Parish of Our Lady of the Annunciation of the Melkite Catholics, Pastor Magdi Sadek and Pastor Youssef Mikhail from the Host Church. The Topic of the gathering will be on "The Church and the modern challenges".

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  New Baby 

We would like to congratulate Amany Sikias for her new comer baby boy.

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